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    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    Communication is truly key. The best companies I deal with in the car repair, home repair, "any type repair" space are just flat out honest. Upfront pricing, and a well detailed invoice go a long way. Big bills sting everyone but communication before hand goes a long way. My biggest concern...
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    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    Great job at helping folks out. Yes, there are some super scandalous people out there ripping good people off.
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    Transmission shop in SD or IE?

    Chino Hills Transmission.
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    Moved the Daughter to Alabama

    Make sure you hit the Original Dreamland BBQ for ribs and sausage. Hit Blue Plate for pure southern food.
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    Moved the Daughter to Alabama

    That’s an amazing school. I wish your daughter the best of luck on rush week and with her education adventure.
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    Comment by 'Spot' in article 'Texas-Sized Fun in the Possum Kingdom'

    Sounds like a great event.
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    White smoke out of a 6.0

    White smoke can mean a lot of things, your best bet is to get it diagnosed properly. Trust me. Injectors are $180 each so swapping them out without actually needing it can get very expensive.
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    White smoke out of a 6.0

    Where is home base for you? IMO you are better off towing that thing to a shop that specializes in. 6.0s. The shops that specialize in 6.0s will actually save you money in the long run because they are just better at diagnosing problems. Domestic Diesel in Chino is one of the best.
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    Memorial weekend picture thread

    The Weber Genesis is a bullet proof gas grill.
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    Missing Person

    Prayers for this man.
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    Macintosh guys

    If you call Apple Tech service they can remote into your computer and fix it. It’s kinda spooky but it works.
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    Hallett Teak Floors

    Beautiful job.
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    Looking for advice.. pellet grill prime rib

    I cook a ton on my pellet grill but I do my prime ribs in the oven. Much more consistent heat and easier to monitor. With that said, good luck, post pics.
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    Bigger fuel tank for f250

    Domestic Diesel in Chino does a lot these. They are a one-stop shop for everything Diesel. They do great work with very fair prices.