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  • To Brian ALias squirtmyload you are my new best friend from Arizona next to AJ. It started out a good trip Lake Havasau was ok but when you mentioned Parker and started talking about that place I immediately got hooked and I think you knew it. Better people, better boats, more things to do, just all around a great time. Ask Erin if she could send me some pictures from her camera of the weekend. I have a few Ill send to you guys, once I learn how to send this shit .... no im sure ill get my son to do it. When we got back to AJ's on Sunday, Patty and I went for a 2 hour horseback ride, It was fantastic, topped off the whole weekend like a cherry on top of the dessert. Sorry i didn't get to ride on the Griswold, maybe next time. I noticed that I had to clean my underwear after I took that boat ride with Mark, I mean that ride in his boat (the fastest boat on the river) was just amazing when we hit 110 I think that is when I made the mess in my pants.... hahahaha River Dave was very hospitable lovely home great location and Im glad I met up with your friends because they are very cool. Talk to you later say Hi to Erin Grasser Pete
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