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    7:30 A. M. And the channel is already packed.

    Lol... laughed my ass off!
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    What’s everyone drinking right now (picture only thread)

    Cheers to the GREAT one!!
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    Powerstroke 6.0 FICM

    HA HA HA, Nope, no losses here. My truck has been virtually flawless up tell now. The key is don’t fuck with it like most guys do trying to squeeze out more power on the cheap, that’s always a recipe for problems. Mine is completely stock, always well maintained and cared for, no complaints...
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    Powerstroke 6.0 FICM

    Where is a reputable place to get one? Need both the logic & power boards. Have heard Ed at FICM repair.com is the man. For those of you that have had this dilemma, where did you go and why… good outcome?
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    Trailer axle Alignment

    From your description, sounds as though the new axle is defective. Below is a simple basic way to align the axles. I did this on mine when replacing all the bushings/hardware etc. Quite simple and doesn’t really take that long.
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    2004 chevy diesel smog problems.

    This makes no sense. If the one he used worked properly, then why not get that exact same one?
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    Trim gauge question.

    The $60 little black puck thingy that plugs into back of gauge? Was that all?
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    Trim gauge question.

    So, you went ahead and gave those dicks more money!! SHIIIIIIIIT! Lol I must say though, they look damn good in there! Did you have to buy anything extra to go with the new GPS speedo to make it work?
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    Bait the Trap

    In this case the trap is the Capital and the bait being the non presence of security personnel. Seriously, they couldn’t stop people holding flags and signs from entering the building? Think about it. 🤔
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    My boy just gave me a heart attack.

    All I can say is at least he is outside playing and doing what my generation did as kids. Now days, all you see are kids indoors sitting on the couch with a tablet smack-dab in their face. What I see in that pic is a happy adventurous young boy just doing his thing! Rock-on little guy, you’re...
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    Anybody want to buy a 5K boat for $23,500.

    I love incomplete posts like this…Lol It reminds me of
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    Fraud Voting Happening Now!

    It is now proven and documented the voting machines are in fact connected to the internet and can be hacked into! This is happening now in real time! Also, I hope you can find the time to watch (below) this very compelling testimony that took place during the Georgia Senate Subcommittee...
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    Need a structural engineer in Havasu????

    Wow, if I’m not mistaken, this act would be totally illegal! The original architect/engineer would hold the copyrights to his work.
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    Trim gauge question.

    Or, just send me the one you don't want 🤣🤣
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    Trim gauge question.

    Yup, this is precisely my point! When the gauge & sender ohms don’t match this is exactly what happens. Then people blame the electric trim gauge & call them junk!