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    Quick note on the Cyber Attacks

    The attempts on my iPad do not lead me to the captcha. The message “checking the browser etc” just sits there and continues to display. Although, even in its current wounded state, RDP continues to produce. Received a good recommendation for a local contractor from Ace in the Hole.
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    Quick note on the Cyber Attacks

    Now on my iPad, when attempting to get on RDP, I’m getting “Checking your browser before accessing riverdavesplace.com”. It stays on that message. But, I’m able to access RDP on my iPhone 7 without any problem. There’s even no airplanes. Both devices are using Safari for the browser. Weird?
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    Fireplaces let’s see them

    Current photo of the house I grew up in built in 1954. Used brick, raised hearth was the thing in that era.
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    Id like take this moment to applaud Mrs Riverroyal

    Congratulations! Anyone else notice JB in SoCal sure knows a lot of Homos? Perhaps he had a change of life after leaving BML. . .
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    Bathroom Remodel

    Looking to do bathroom remodel in LHC. Looking for recommendations to remove fiberglass shower tub replace with tile shower (tub?). We realize contractors are currently booked out a ways.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    I believe what the FDA recommended was booster shots for (1) Those considered High Risk and (2) Those 65+. That's a few steps from NO Booster shots. But, also quite contrary to Biden's prior proclamation.
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    Ok all you health nuts out there

    What was said about alcohol is true. But, I continued to have wine with dinner. No beer, Period. Kept carbs to an absolute minimum. Easy to do these days with the Nutritional Values posted on everything. Kept total calories down. Helping sizes slowly became smaller. No chips, no sodas...
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    Californians - this is for you

    Good catch and very true. Wonder what the actual breakdown is now ? About 70/30 or so?
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    Californians - this is for you

    CA voters are the same idiots who, not long ago, voted that there should be a huge increase in their gasoline tax. WTF? Wonder how they’re liking that now?
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    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Curb Appeal - LHC, Marc Zettle. Good guy. Good work.
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    Make USC Great Again?

    You mean the same Pete who took off in the middle of the night?
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    Pendleton going off tonight

    Every submarine operated by the US Navy is a "Nuke sub". Believe it has been that way since 1990. Their movement is considered Classified. I would not expect their arrival to be announced.
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    going to cabo and stay at the casa dorado resort

    The Trailer Park was excellent. But, I believe it’s long gone. Daughter and SIL went recently to Cabo. They snorkeled out by the Arch. Said there was considerable surge and the visibility wasn’t too good. But, overall they had a good time. Make sure your passport doesn’t expire until long after...
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    Sold the old homestead

    I can recall seeing the Iron Lungs lined up by the windows of Rancho Los Amigos Hospital so their lung affected polio patients could look out the window. One of those kid type memories that seem to remain with you. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.
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    Sold the old homestead

    It was a comfortable floor plan. Our kitchen took up most of the east side of the house. I was surprised to see the backyard pool area has not changed at all since 1970. Knew that area well. It was my chore to maintain it. And I was glad to. Had many hours of fun in that pool/patio area.