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    Starting Generator trips GFCI

    I just had the opposite problem. Generator it worked ok but on shore power it would trip. LONG story short, the GFCI had gone bad and when I installed a new one, the line vs load connections were reversed from the original outlet. So, make sure when you connect a new one that the incoming power...
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    NEW - Xantrex 2000 Watt Inverter & Control Panel - Price Drop! $1200

    Hey Yarder, I’ve been looking into these. The local shop wants about $2,000 to wire it in. Are you able to provide exact instructions? World Wide Web and YouTube have some conflicting ways to install.
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    Shout out to SoCal speed and marine

    Stand up guys. They dropped what they were doing to help me with a problem and got me back on the water ASAP. Also, their prices were some of the cheapest I’ve seen.
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    Hardin marine water pump in havasu?

    Not grenaded just seeping water out of the front..... Grenaded most likely if we didn’t catch it. Heard a belt squeal and found it leaking.
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    Hardin marine water pump in havasu?

    Probably about 200 hours on the pump....
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    Hardin marine water pump in havasu?

    Thanks Howard. I need the whole pump because I don’t have all my tools to install new seals and bearings. Figured I would just have two. I’ll call them. Hopefully open on Saturday
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    Hardin marine water pump in havasu?

    Anyone know where I can get a Hardin marine water pump in havasu today for my 496? My current one went bad and need to rebuild it. I’ve tried nordic and Barrett this morning with no luck. Thanks
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    Tankless Water Heater

    I just put a navien in. Uses a standard 110 outlet to control the electronics. It requires a 1/2 gas line if within 30 feet of the meter (can’t remember for sure). With the gas company rebate, it cost the same as replacing my tank. Happy so far. It has a built in recirc pump. I have a dedicated...
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    Ford V10 specialist or RV engine rebuilder?

    Ok. I thought they removed the whole bottom clip to remove it. I’ll call Tiffin tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up
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    Ford V10 specialist or RV engine rebuilder?

    Where are they located?
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    Ford V10 specialist or RV engine rebuilder?

    It’s the same as your old one. 2011 35qba Do you already know the answer?
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    Ford V10 specialist or RV engine rebuilder?

    Anyone know of a V10 shop or RV engine rebuild shop with a good reputation in the LA or SoCal area? Found a pretty good deal on a used RV but needs a rebuild. Only shop I’ve found that’s reputable seems to be in Phoenix that specializes in this situation. Thanks
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    Help! Under Slab Water Leak

    I just went through this also, I used 6balls from here. His company is called pacific repipe. I highly recommend. He was fair priced, on time, used quality supplies. He does lots of repipes. He uses the pex type pipe called upinor I believe and supposedly far superior according to my plumber...
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    What do you think about RV inspections?

    Thanks. Sounds like I’ll be doing an inspection. Question is now do I choose an RVIA inspector or have a dealer somewhere do it....?