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    No wrenching in Sacramento?

    Sorry we have been in the auto repair business for 70 years I know goverment bullshit when I hear it.
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    No wrenching in Sacramento?

    Typical government official playing god. Selects who gets to go around the laws because he thinks it is ok. choses what he thinks is to much money for a select group to pay. If you really think that is ok shame on you. It is no different than a ref only calling some fouls
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    Electrician and drywaller needed in parker

    Hello I am in need of a electrician and drywaller in Parker. the electrical work is to install new service and rewire complete trailer. We are removing the original paneling and drywalling the complete house . it approximately 1350 square feet. Not looking for the cheapest guy. Want good job...
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    Window replacement in river house

    Hello, We are going to install new windows in our house in Parker. Does any one have a recommendation for a company . I would rather use a family owned business in possible.
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    Sleek powerboats bowrider outboard?

    Hello. I own a 1983 21 foot sleekcraft V bottom outboard. It has a Honda 225. It runs about 64. It handles chop pretty good for a 21 foot boat. Most boats built in the mid 80 were hit and miss in build quality. If you have any questions let me know
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    [SOLD] 1999 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 - SOLD

    That would be a great truck to leave at the airport in parker.
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    Covid What were the expectations?

    Where are you located? I might have some work for him.
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    Anyone in automotive aftermarket that can help with basic info?

    Your parts margin need to high enough to support you desired net margin. Auto repair business are really two different businesses a parts business and a labor business. Parts should be between 40 to 50 percent of total sales. The best shops are averaging 50 to 60 percent profit margin on parts...
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    Matco 4S tool box

    2017 Matco 4s tool box. It has never been worked out of and looks brand new. I can text pictures in interested. $2300.00 310-721 9372
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    Plumber in Parker needed

    Hello I am looking for a referral for a plumber in Parker. Thanks
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    Generac home back up propane generator

    I have often thought of a propane generator for use in a emergency or natural disaster where there was no power for weeks. I thing the noise from a big generator would attract too many people. If only a few people in your neighborhood have lights on how long would it be before people were...
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    My little girl solo’d Her first airplane today.

    Did you buy a a a or b model 170. does it still have the 0300