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    Bravo 3 24p props $400

    Bravo 3 24p brood 3x3 $400 plus shipping
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    Lake Powell state line report

    Book the slip online, that’s the quickest way to do it.
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    26 Scarab CC I/O restoration

    Got the bottom re gelled this week and finishing up the new side interior panels that replaced the old rod holders. She gets the new motor installed in a couple weeks.
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    5/25 Powell status

    Yes it’s called the executive ramp. Aramark and the park service use it to launch their boats. When the water is low the public gets to use it as well.
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    Hull cleaner !

    I've used the tiotelt bowl cleaner method. Make sure to dilute 1:4 with with water and use a soft brissle brush to scrub it with.
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    Lake Powell on the news

    Just means you get to see some stuff people haven’t seen since the late 60’s
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    Lake Powell on the news

    That’s the antelope ramp. State line flattens out when it runs out of concrete. It was lower in 2005 then it is right now.
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    26 Scarab CC I/O restoration

    Also finally got the 383 built just waiting to finish a trip next week and will be pulling the old motor and dressing the 383. Dyno came back at 420hp, should be a huge difference compared to the 265hp 5.0 that’s in it now.
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    26 Scarab CC I/O restoration

    Long time no post. Been a crazy winter / spring. My 5yo started racing RZR 170’s and my sister got married at my house a couple of weeks ago so the boat has been on the back burner. started building a new bimini. I was originally going to to do a hard top but after spending a week on Powell in...
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    Scarab Sport

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    Not an MJ fan but....

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    [WTB] 20’-24’ enclosed trailer

    Keep me posted, I am definitely interested
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    [WTB] 20’-24’ enclosed trailer

    Looking for a 20-24’ enclosed trailer. PM me if you have one for sale.
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    RV picture thread. Post them up!

    2002 Monaco Diplomat