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    Trust your instruments / Simrad

    We used Garmin charts/gps on our trawler. Once in a while the charts will be off and show you traveling onshore while you may be 100’ feet or so from land. Anyhow we made our first crossing across the Sea of Cortez headed to Mazatlan. The weather was perfect until we were 10 miles or so from the...
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    Conspiracy Theories?

    Sounds about right
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    Elon Musk

    He has “fuck you money” and is not afraid to use it.
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    Son needs divorce lawyer/ info

    I cringe when I read these stories. My divorce took over 6 years and combined legal fees were close to $500,000.00. I was not wealthy by any means but I did manage to pay my legal fees and later hers as well. Her intentions through the whole process was not to get her fair share but instead to...
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    The son of a bitch did it!

    I am currently working at the Giga Factory in Austin and so far no protesters. 😂
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    Grandkids, how have they changed you? Let's see some pics.

    they are doing work on the dam so the water will be high for the next couple of years. I am around the corner on Swan Point.
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    Name my Boat contest

    Here is one I am currently building
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    Name my Boat contest

    De Tooned
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    Name my Boat contest

    Time Fighter
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    Pontoon rebuild

    This will be my second one. However this one is a complete rebuild. Thank God for the internet, I am learning how to rewire my gauges and switches. Not sure if I can pull it off, but we will see. The fun part is seeing if I can do it on my own without help. I am kinda going over the top on this...
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    Pontoon rebuild

    A couple of months ago a friend of mine gave me a 2004 Lowe's pontoon that was pretty much a basket case. I figured I would get it running and make a simple tiki cruiser out of it. After spending way too much to get it running and changing all the cables I decided to take a different route. We...
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    PPP Search Tool Fun!

    When I heard that my property owners association jumped in on this welfare program I called and asked what the money is going to be used for since we all still had to pay our dues. I was told it would be used to pay for the restaurant workers who were laid off because of covid. I said do you...
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    Snowmageddon take 2

    I saw -11 this morning in Littleton Co