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    Life is Short

    Sorr for your loss - prayers for you and their entire Family.
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    Howard SDS

    This is one great looking SDS - you killed it on the color combo on this one!!!
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    4 seat speed UTV

    The statement they made recently "we have to test first few production cars" - makes sense to do and it buys them more time and patients for those waiting. All could work out as you noted - if the car comes timely - to date they have not been timely - but have consistently explained why not...
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    Howard 288 - New Build (Grey, Black & Green)

    It is not about getting their $ together - Howard has never been focused on production numbers and they remain a true "custom" builder. One thing that extends their build times is they leave every boat in the mold for 2 weeks to cure and harden - that is what makes a Howard hull a Howard -...
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    BARN FIND - 24' Spectra / Sanger

    For Calif. trailer he can file forms for duplicate title - fill out - one of choices is "lost" title. You can do it online and DMV will issue new title. Here is the Link: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv-virtual-office/duplicate-title/duplicate-title-form/
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    BARN FIND - 24' Spectra / Sanger

    Calif title on trailer - reg for trailer is $10 for 10 years on permanent trailer plate. So live in CA register trailer in CA - but register boat in AZ - as non resident reg. is cheaper that CA - so best of both. Plus no hassle from CHP when towing in CA. Although I did have them ask me why...
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    California is Open! No Masks Required

    It is acceptable both ways outside - but once you are entering someone else's business or property - at that point - their space/property - their rules - you get to choose to do business with them or not, if they ask you to wear a mask. Not if you wear a mask or not!
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    California is Open! No Masks Required

    California - SB 1165 - employees who get COVID are "presumed" to have contracted it at work - so up to you as employers to prove otherwise - impact workers comp. AB 765 - employers must notify within 1 business day all qualified employees if they were exposed to COVID. California leads the...
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    Any Yamaha salesman contacts?

    You will love it, just helped a buddy pick one up for his son from NCY motorsports in San Marcos - they are great to deal with also. Deal OTD was very similar to the above in May this year. She will love the bike! My son had a TTR 125, then he stepped up to TTR 230 and then CRF 150 - man...
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    CNC Motors Fraud Investigation

    By simply telling you nothing for 8 minutes!
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    Looking to upgrade my Enclosed Trailer

    Here is my 2018 24' Intech - was using for desert toys after sold my race car. Decided I wanted a toy box again and ordered a new ATC 24' toy hauler. \ My trailer weighed 4,515 empty with what you see and it has AC (no generator). I bought off Racing junk in 2019 for $22,500 - I added...
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    California lake levels illustrate severity of the drought

    I only focused on what we used and the split of that use - but it is a fair point that 50% +/- of our water every year is used for environmental purposes - but that has been the case for the last 20 years and look at use - for environmental which is all other streams not part of the water...
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    California lake levels illustrate severity of the drought

    I have been to Lake Tahoe every summer for 49 years - water level is about average this year - in 2014 and 2015 the dock could not be used and for the first time since 1992, where the lake was at 6,220 the lowest level ever recorded (measurements taken since 1874). The bouy field had to be move...
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    Let’s see your offroad vehicle!

    Here is my ride - the mods never stop!