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    How much money would it take for you to be 100% debt free?

    360k between my wife and myself with student loans and a mortgage.
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    RC Boat Race London Bridge

    We used to do a lot of racing 15 yrs ago. My father, uncle, neighbor and I used to compete in outrigger hydro cat and mono class. The G class and the X class. My namba number used to be 946. My fathers 947 and uncles 948. was a lot of fun when I was 13! I’ll try and digup some photos of our old...
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    RB’s prerunner build.

    That’s all mine is supposed to be as well!
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    RB’s prerunner build.

    Ryan Jubera is building it. originally it started out as a budget build. Then the LS swap with the motor massaged by Moruzzi and a Culhane 4l80 tranny. Then it turned into a full tube chassis center mount. Parts will be done at laser on the 10th Once progress starts I’m gonna start a build...
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    RB’s prerunner build.

    Gonna be one more... in the process of building one.
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    Prop Shaft Runout - Help Needed

    First video about 4 thou runout at shaft support. 2nd video about 10 thou middle of shaft. Shaft is bent in the middle time for a new one. It’s going to start taking out bearings
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    Ford ranger Dana 44 set up

    Threat Dana 44 TTB plated stock width. Uniball pivots Threat extended radius arms Threat Radius arm mounts Giant Motorsports Dana 35 to 44 lift bracket TTB comes with snouts knuckles New ball joints 3rd member Rotors (good for boat anchors. Need to be turned) Calipers (not usable) good for core...
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    Ford NP205

    Np 205 built by Tod 32 spline input shaft 1350 output yolks shown with flanges. Driver side drop. Set up to mate to 4l80. Adapter comes with advanced adapter t case- tranny adapter. Comes with twin stick shifters. Has not had oil in it. Has not been mocked up. Going a different direction...
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    Nothing finer than a pipeliner...

    Hippy rod?
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    Prick on Craigslist

    I got one of them too!!!
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    Building a building

    Looks like the building behind 5757 Wilshire. Next to the tar pits. Pretty cool watching em go up
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    Gear / Axle shop?

    tri county gear in Pomona. He built my dads rock crawler. . Dana 44 up front Dana 60 out back. Picked up a 9” from him to fab up and he is going to turn it into a full floating axle for me as well as straighten out any heat distortion. http://www.tricountygear.com/
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    4th of July boating

    I sure hope so!
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    4th of July boating

    Good day out at mead today. If anybody’s out here come say hi tomorrrow
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    Post a pic of your Off Road toy.

    Does this count?