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    Free rent…. Only in Ca.

    For the Child Tax Credit they will start sending next month you should be able to do on the treasury website and opt out of the monthly payments so it stays as a tax credit at the end of the year. that is what i am doing.

    Father’s Day weekend trip!

    Your boyfriend looks thrilled hahahaha

    A few questions about US MILITARY Defense...???

    I work for Raytheon Missile Systems here in Tucson AZ. When looking at our missiles themselves every piece is either bought or made in the USA period. There are some very seldom instances where we would have to buy a component outside the USA but most the time if the part we need isnt from the...

    Anyone here have a two or four post lift in their garage?

    Normally post tension slabs have a stamp in one of the corners of the garage specifying that it is post tension. I would post a pic of mine as an example but my air compressor is sitting on top of it.

    Trailer Tires/Rims: Why is it so hard?

    Fenders are coming out good and ya the 10 inch wide fenders look way better. Can you post some pics of the boat as well. It looks very familiar to me.

    Now this is a great design!

    Atleast they wont see it coming and it will be a quick ending 🤷‍♂️ Personally if some one is dumb enough to get on that thing we should just let nature run its course.

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Thank you. Yours is looking good too. Keep posting pics of your build. It is fun to see your progress as well.

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    They just did the shotcrete for our new pool two weeks ago. It was amazing to watch them work. Those guys bust their asses off and have some damn amazing talent.

    Lets see those boats

    1995 Cole Superhawk with a blown 461CI BBC and a Dominator Pump
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    Damn Rams!!!! (Ram 2500)

    Nice. Looks good. Glad you got it figured out.
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    Damn Rams!!!! (Ram 2500)

    When I put AMP boards on my friends Ram it came with studs to install if the studs were not there from the factory. It was actually pretty easy. What steps are you putting on the truck?
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    Love your site but...

    I will take my 25-30 dollar RDP shirts over the crappy 15-20 dollars shirts I get from Glamis all day. The RDP shirts are much more comfortable and way better quality. I have a few RDP shirts that are over 5 years old and still in good shape even though I wear them weekly. Quality and American...
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    Any mobile home installers available in Topock?

    My in-laws live around the corner from you on Linden Drive and Sonoita. When we were there for the boat show we saw they starting to put you MH together. If you have any questions or anything I can get you in-touch with them. they have lived there full time for over 4 years now and have quite a...
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    Lake Havasu Boat Show COVERAGE!

    Ya John's boat with the 450's is awesome. Looks like they made alot of changes to the mold to add the front deck portion as well as the side walk past the engine hatch and the integrated swim step. The original 26 Cat mold never had any of those features.
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    Lake Havasu Boat Show COVERAGE!

    I know they have had a 26 Cat for a long time but was more curious when they tooled up a deck version of the top mold or if they just modified their walk thru open bow mold. From the pictures you posted it looks like a new top mold then the original walk thru open bow they have had for a while...