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    2020 Polar bear

    Who's in for the 2020 Polar bear January 9th take off at the starting line 845am
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    Looks like a catalina race. Outlaw

    Go to Catalinaoutlaw2020.com looks like someone is putting something together.
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    Pier to Pier Classic Info

    The drivers meeting is at the Cerritos Bahia Marina behind the Gas Lamp night club You need to check you boat # before the race to see if it is taken already the reserved #s on the Catalina ski race web sight are taken and the rest are first come first serve, if there is a duplicate you may...
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    Pier to Pier Classic Info

    The race will start at the Queen Mary and finish at the Belmont Pier there will be checkered bouys the the tuber must cross on the tube under tow. Yes you can have coolers on the boat but please don't let us see the beers. The drivers meeting is mandatory and you will recieve your tube there...
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    Catalina roll call

    Who's in and who needs a ride or has one to offer.