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    George Floyd - Minnesota Death

    We don't train to keep people face down like that after a force incident. I have no idea why that officer did what he did, but that does not follow our standard practice in regards to handcuffed prisoners. Sad for everyone. Honestly, it looks like that cop was vapor locked and didn't know...
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    Help me with the Ski flag law!

    Make you own flag and mount it. "Skier in water, please stay away" Fly that thing whenever you want, but don't roll in there trying to change their way of boating.
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    What happened, where I'm at now...and of course my take on COVID.

    lol. Good story. Enjoy life to the fullest, and stay CNN free.
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    Home Depot Tool Sale Today - at least one really good deal (DEWALT) plus some others

    It has been that way non stop for a couple weeks now. I've been in the Lowes on the other side of the freeway more and more.
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    rd's video made it to Reddit.......

    Holy shit...just read the comments. What a bunch of snowflake little pussy's in there. I hope some of them come in here to talk about their views.
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    Hoss Trailer Tire advice needed

    Cheapest would be bunk replacement and really not too hard if you can get the boat off the trailer somewhere you trust it to be docked or beached for a day. My only concern would be how stiff a 3" or 4" bunk would be compared to a 2". Not sure if the total lack of flex would be an issue or not.
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    rd's video made it to Reddit.......

    OHHHH shit. You said Jordy. I heard that is almost like saying Beetlejuice. You know, if you mention Jordy 3 times in a conversation something really bad happens. I never met Jordy, but I'm assuming he was something like GRADS on steroids. 😆
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    rd's video made it to Reddit.......

    LOl... I thought it was funny. 😂
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    2001 chevy dually

    Uhhhhh...... What in the holy hell is going on in the picture, and how is the bed flexing like that around the tail light?:confused:
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    Post your Trump parade pics here

    So let's be fair here... Given the amount of boats I saw rolling east on the 91 Friday I'd say Good Job Lake Havasu for hosting, and SoCal for representing.
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    Hallett 270 question

    There appears to be a void there between where you want to mount it and the bottom or side of the boat. There isn't going to be any tension or stress other than it's own weight hanging there so I would worry too much about it. Maybe try and get the top screws into the top 3/4 of the edge so it...
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    Biden says 'you ain't black' if torn between him and Trump

    @2CHILL LOL. A racist posting the authored work of a long time Trump hater. Jezus dude, get a grip.
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    Biden says 'you ain't black' if torn between him and Trump

    Great way to prove your racist views. Post a video actually confirming the problem with trespass and possible theft. Still no original thoughts... what a surprise.
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    New to RDP, long time fan

    Sweet, welcome to the zoo.
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    Biden says 'you ain't black' if torn between him and Trump

    Huh? I'm not sure if you understand the context between me and the racist. Are you actually asking me if I think the guy in your link was justified in killing people based on the color of their skin?