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  • Hi From Craig Wolfson...was fun hearing from you...we still talk about the good old days in the trailer park and "tenting"...will never forget the nite you crashed your car! Pam (Carr) and I have been together 45 years (married 38), have one daughter who is now 37 (was never interested in waterski racing (even after being approached by Lily Kompaniez!); we still go to Lake Mead - we have a vacation home at Meadview (upper end of Lake Mead on the Arizona side); do a lot of white water rafing on the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon; Pam's family still has homes at Lake Arrowhead, but since we moved to Prescott, AZ four years ago, we don't get to Lake Arrowhead much...Wish I had kept my "Chevy"!! but we have a Z06 Corvette to "hot rod" in! Lots of classic cars here in Prescott! We take our '65 356C Porsche to car shows - drove it to Park City, UT last October. We spend the rest of our time traveling, mountain biking and kayaking rivers and lakes around AZ. This is a great website - lots of history - fun catching up on everyone! Haven't seen any posts on the Wooden Boat show at Lake Arrowhead?? Maybe twocents will do a post - I hear he was there! Take care, Craig
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