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  • Hey Taf!
    So how are the Houseboat Powell "prize winner" plans coming along? Are we all going to be out on the water having a blast???
    No I am not. When I was a little kid I was chunky and bumping into things and my dad used to call me Charlyox. He died right before I got my boat so I put that on the back of it.
    Sounds like fun.:beer When, where and all of that good stuff? No he didn't do anything wrong thankfully. He is just a really nice guy and I really thank you so much for introducing him to me. Hope all is going well. Sounds like MissB might be your date for the mini family reunion.:drool :D
    Hey, thanks for the message. I'm glad you guys had a nice time in Parker. Did you guys take any pictures? I didn't see any on here yet.:hmm This weekend we went to Raging Waters and got to see Jimmy Wayne perform and also a new band The Lost Trailers (country). They were pretty good and Raging Waters is always fun. One of these days we'll have something fun to invite you guys to come do. I have to have a septoplasty (surgery to fix a deviated septum) on the 28th so that's going to suck.:(
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