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    School me on Jeeps

    Just throwing this out there. If anyone is looking for a clean L J. I am getting ready to list mine shortly. 2004 white 58k mi. , auto, soft top ( no hard top) , only off road it has seen is dirt roads. ( I dont know how to post pics ) 20K FIRM serious only please, text if you would like more...
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    Suzuki Sidekick suspension upgrade?

    The best ride improvement (in the dirt) you can do to that thing is drop the tire pressure to 10-15 lbs. Maybe even a good set of shocks. I like Bilstien 5100's. Most of the available lift kits are for appearance and will most likely stiffen the ride. Just my .02
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    Mercury Smartcraft Vessel View Mobile Kit

    sorry that is just the plug part # i guess? It is a smartCraft Vessel/View Mobile and i do have the yellow terminator plug for it.
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    Mercury Smartcraft Vessel View Mobile Kit

    part # on the one i have is 8M0113072
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    Mercury Smartcraft Vessel View Mobile Kit

    I had one on my boat for a couple months. I took it off before i sold the boat to put on a different one and never did. I'll sell it for $100. Havasu pick up only No shipping. Brian
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    Looking for some info on a boat here in havasu

    If it is a Jones tunnel, which it looks like. Contact Pat that owns I Wear sunglasses here in Havasu. There were few made and he knew of a lot of the outboard ones around here.
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    Need Help Finding a Wind Sheild for my Sleek Craft

    Finney's in Havasu did all the windshields for Sleek/Magic and has all the patterns.
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    2003 Nissan Frontier SE V6 4X4

    Located in Lake Havasu.
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    2003 Nissan Frontier SE V6 4X4

    (SOLD) 2003 Nissan Frontier SE 4X4, 61k miles, V6 , all power, everything works as it should, no leaks, tinted windows, New tires, cold AC, clean title in hand, have all service records, I purchased this from the original owner (acquaintance, senior citizen) as a third vehicle. We just don't...
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    Pirates Cove buoy’s

    Less bouys, more common sense people !!! Don't poke the bear! Leave it alone!!
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    weather stripping

    Conquest Boats in Havasu has it.
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    Not mine , i noticed it the other day. https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/d/20ft-spectra/6675026513.html
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    Got a serious dog question here...

    Always very difficult . My theory is, When she is having more bad days than good it is probably time.
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    Pink Floyd Must Have Had A Trump Preminition

    Going to see them in Phoenix tomorrow night !!!! Really looking forward to it , heard the show is incredible!!