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    W TG --- anybody ?

    Best to you Tommy
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    RIP Roger Roadstrom Jr.

    RIP sir
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    2004 DCB FX28 Extreme Closed Bow. Blown 540ci BBC!!

    If it’s half as nice as it looks that’s a great deal.
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    [WTS] 2009 Nordic Flame

    Confused I guess, is it still for sale? Thanks
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    [WTS] 2009 Nordic Flame

    That is one beautiful boat, it will go so have tears ready.
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    Road Trip - unexpected

    Geez, must be some car.
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    Thought I'd share this pic and some history (boating content!)

    Everyone knows you’re a closet billionaire Ziggy.
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    Happy Wife

    Congrat’s to the wife, both are beautiful.
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    Anyone use proven industries locks?

    Bought the best lock I could buy to protect my lance trailer. They came in with a wrecker and gone.
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    New Millennial

    Hi Pal, welcome to the board.
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    Fountain 38 Fever Back Half Overhaul

    Sure wish I had that kind of talent. Congrat’s
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    23' Chris-Craft Catalina Heritage Edition

    Wow, very nice, been awhile since I’ve heard the name Chris Craft, one of the most well know names in boating. Well at least to us senior citizens.
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    Happy Wife

    So nice, her smile says it all. Congrats
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    Looking for a used Chevy Volt

    Would like to find a used Volt for my niece, any member have a lease coming due or one for sale? Thank you