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    Eliminator Customer Service

    As a guy who built a boat with Jake last year I can say first hand they take great care of their customers. I could type all day about the next level service they provided me during my build as well as post build, offering up things I never would have expected. I can be high maintenance at...
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    Happy Birthday to Devious Chris!! And!!

    Happy Birthday Bud and Congrats!!
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    21’ Daytona Teague

    I can attest to 119.9 on a handheld gps in my old 1989 21' daytona. One of the first with a bravo IO, put a 2" shorty on it when I bought it and built a 502ci motor to run NOS. Boat went 106 on gas (VP race fuel) and consistently 116 on NOS. 350 HP Nitrous Xpress set up. Fun boat that...
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    2019 Portland Run

    Lots of fun this year! Youtube killed my music so I had to use their lame-o stuff but still some good sight seeing along the way. Always appreciate Mike Defrees and Craig Hargreaves (sp?) sponsoring this event in memory of Max Defrees. They do a great job.
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    To Flop....or Not to Flop.

    PS....Tab absolutely must be totally buried. Its not having any part of a non-buried tab at the flop!
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    To Flop....or Not to Flop.

    So...Update. I've now tried 36P labbed B1's (it hated those until the boat got over 70mph, lots of vibration and had to lean hard on them to flop) then went to the 15-1/4" Max 5 34P labs - those are 1/4 larger diameter than my originals. These seem to be the best bet thus far. New trick to...
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    First Time for everything!

    Hell yeah, anytime you want to head north drop me a PM and I'll share my cell number. On most nice weekends we are rolling around the airport or heading downtown/up the Willamette. I'd love to hook up. BTW...we spend +95% of our time running under 50!
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    First Time for everything!

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    First Time for everything!

    Great Times until.....Didn't hit anything and had another blade with a crack in it on this same side about 1" long. Stressed it out big time! Sounds like Merc Racing may warranty it though...we shall see. No fun replacing Max-5's! Did
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    To Flop....or Not to Flop.

    They did the spacer and lowered the tab, if I couldn't live with it the next solution would have been to add more spacer which would also scrub more top end. I'm gettin' better at it so its not enough of a PITA to mess with more spacer...just hoping to rule out and tricks of the trade that I...
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    To Flop....or Not to Flop.

    Great stuff - Appreciate the replies. It has 600SCI's and Merc ITS boxes so has a little set-back as well. I have the plugs in the Max 5's but was told by a couple people that they do nothing if you don't have thru prop exhaust? I guess I should pull 1 out on each prop and just see what...
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    To Flop....or Not to Flop.

    Yep - Tab and drives buried. Have not tried a -1 but even the 1/2" spacer scrubbed some top end, prefer not to lose any more if I can help it.
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    28 Daytona blow out

    I just posted a similar thread in the lounge. I just built a 28 speedster with 600SCI's and XR/SSM's with -2 shorty's and 1/2" spacers. I'm running 34P Max 5 props and 1.35 gears. I also have a tunnel tab. I bury the tab, bury the drives and once the nose lifts I have to start turning the...
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    To Flop....or Not to Flop.

    Ok...for all of you salty dawgs who have experience with Cats which have twins with high X's....whats your sequence to get 'em flopped over? My current boat (and 4th Cat) is a 28 Speedster with twins, XR/SSM 1.35 drives with -2 shorty (and now 1/2 spacers) running 34 labbed Max 5's. Also has a...
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    Portland, OR Poker Run - Date is set!

    For those interested in attending, the Portland Poker Run is set for Saturday, July 20th. Looks like a 9am meeting followed by a 10:30 start, lunch and dinner after at Salpare Bay. Email Harbormaster@salparebaymarina.com or call at 503-972-9671. This is always a great time and you get to roll...