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    Promise Keepers

    Yep. The LA Coliseum.
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    TAHITI 242 Skier jet

    What is the speed with the 300r? Do you still have the 242 molds as I don’t see it listed on your website?
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    Anybody own an RV pad anywhere?

    We own one in St. Augustine, Fl. At the beach. It’s been a great investment. We keep it in the rental pool. Wished we had bought another one.
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    Old School Tahiti Boats Brochure

    Our first family boat my dad ordered at the LA boat 1974 when it was held in November. They called it 25 foot offshore cruiser. It had kinda of a double bubble cabin. I don’t think they made many. My own first boat was a 1971 16 low pro. It had a 165 mercruiser, the only one I ever saw with...
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    Questions about a 21 Howard V drive

    I have a 1978 and it had 2 stringers but fiberglass gas tank had leaked. so replaced one stringer and added 2 more. That 1974 should be a heavy layup. The stress cracks where you stated are common, I have them too. Mines just a solid 60 mph boat set the factory shaft angle and a slightly...
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    Sacramento Delta Camping - Skiing

    Vieiras. Although right now tent area is closed do to the Chinese virus. Stay away from snug harbor.
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    1970 spectra 20 vdrive

    I believe it came out in 1971. The seats in that boat I believe came from a Howard 21, as I have the identical seats in my Howard.
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    Assaulted by MAGA douchebag at protest

    I think we found our Father of the Year.
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    Bush's Baked Beans

    Last year we were in Tennessee and went to the museum they have at the factory. Quite an interesting history.
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    America NEEDS to reduce its dependence on China - what would you do?

    I was looking to try New Balance again due to made in USA but most of the running ones aren’t US made. Disappointing.
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    Liberty Boats 20' Sport Cruiser V-Drive

    I remember Powerboat magazine tested a v drive one in the 80’s. They rated it very high on workmanship , on performance not so well as I recall.
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    Thinking about TN

    We leased our house in Manhattan beach, ca and have been traveling the country in our motor home. We now are very seriously thinking of moving to the Nashville area. We have spent a lot of time there and love it. Nice lakes close and the southern hospitality reputation is not a myth. Good...
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    I miss having a President that doesn't sound like an idiot.

    We are so fortunate to live in these 57 states.
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    Too Big for Parker?

    Very clean looking G3.