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    I'm going fishing!

    So did Deniro. Look what happened to him. 😁 😁 😁
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    2020 American / Trump Parade video!

    Imagine a big demolition derby! :oops: :D
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    Lake Mead sucks, don’t come here😁

    We are loaded for bear tomorrow to South Cove.
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    Registration Sticker PSA

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    Registration Sticker PSA

    I have registered and spilled gas on this vessel since 2002. Never had one do this.
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    Registration Sticker PSA

    Cheap ass Az sticker. Just put it on 2 hours ago. Went to gas station. Spilled just a little and POOF! Date is gone.
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    My sister just sent me this

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    Post your Trump parade pics here

    It’s a Mickey Mouse policy....in fact I saw him a few pictures up!:D.....
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    What's good for Costco is good for America :)

    I am with you 100%. Just yesterday, Kingman Walmart shithead couple in their 20,s brought a large mutt in and it pissed a big puddle in the main aisle by electronic section...if you guessed they just kept walking you’d be right.:mad::mad:
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    Biden’s Bus is also in town

    😁 😁 😁
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    Who Uses a leaf blower to dry vehicles?

    From a bit of research, they say CFM is more important than MPH. Anything over 600 CFM is good.
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    Who Uses a leaf blower to dry vehicles?

    Corded or batteries? I was looking at the Dewalt and Worx models.
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    Man Cave at Islander

    That made my unit at Campbells look like Skid Row!:D
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    Leonard/Hagler on ESPN2 Now

    Don't remember what I had for dinner last night but remember that fight well. Wanted to see it but had to work that night......was beyond pissed. Grew up big Hagler fan because he lived about 20 minutes from me so followed him closely. For the record....he got hosed that night.
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    I have State Farm...will they step up?

    Wow. Talk about kismet.....Just left SF.....Agent said on next renewal is 20% off. Also new vehicle I bought in April don't have to make any payment til 6-26-20