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    Pirates cove for fathers day

    Isn't it closed now?
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    Pirates cove for fathers day

    We had a great trip as well, really enjoyed the section of river between Pirates and Needles. There are some great beaches up from Pirates and it was nice to have some smooth water for a couple of passes.....
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    Pirates cove for fathers day

    That’s a great location for sure!
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    Havasu Windsor

    I was at the marina last year waiting in the boat, a buddy is getting the truck, the ramp is very busy. He gets directed to a lane, there is a truck with the trailer in the water so he has to wait for them to pull out, but the boat never shows up. He can't switch lanes as everyone is lining up...
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    I bought a 17 SRX1500 when they came out, pretty fast for a stand up. It's big, makes it handle boat wakes better than the older ones and is not quite as quick turning, but still fun as hell. If I was buying now I would want to try the Yamaha for sure as it's a little smaller and lighter, I was...
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    Pirates cove for fathers day

    It was cool to meet some inmates this weekend, thanks for letting me hang out for a few beers. I wanted to stop again but the 14 year olds kept me busy running around to meet their friends, a good excuse to burn some 100ll premix.
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    [SOLD] Trailer mover

    If it’s not sold I’ll take it
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    Pirates cove for fathers day

    Got here today, all kinds of drama, but made it.
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    Needles to Lake Tahoe Towing - Take 395 or take 95 through Nevada?

    Take 95, it's a way easier drive and less grades to pull.
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    Pirates cove for fathers day

    Sound good!!
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    Pirates cove for fathers day

    I'm staying up by the bridge in Needles weds-sun not sure if I'm taking the Mach 22 or this one would be happy to meet some inmates and consume a few cold ones. Will have 3 14 year old girls and a Golden Retriever, wave if you see me.
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    PSA. 2 more havasu days under 110 degrees until?

    Damn, I'm coming on the 16th-20th, I rented a place on the river across from Needles.
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    2021 Lower River Run

    Going to miss it this year, flying to SLC for a friends birthday bash, Buddy is very upset......
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    Question - buying a car with a lien on it

    What did you buy?
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    Should I? Kid boat project.......

    Jet boat, 454 is cheaper to rebuild than the outboard. I was driving the family Jet boat by myself by age 12, very easy to learn on. My 2 cents.