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    The Plus Side of Coronavirus...

    Yeah and it works out well that it’s about the only gas station I can get the truck & trailer in/out of. Glad that they’re Top Tier gas now too.
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    The Plus Side of Coronavirus...

    Used it today, but I’m in Jax, FL. Ramps still open...for now. Everyone was behaving themselves and following the social distance rules that I saw.
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    The Plus Side of Coronavirus...

    ...I filled up the boat for under $100 for the first time that I can remember...
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    Tiger King Memes.

    Can I also point out that nobody is talking about the fact that Kelci Saffery who got the arm bit off is actually A DUDE!?
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    Tiger King Memes.

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    The journey of our Hallett 270T

    Awesome write up thanks for sharing! Looks like a great family boat!
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    'Carpe Diem' 1995 Hallett 240

    Awesome thread thanks! I’m more or less doing the same thing with my 01 Advantage. My dad bought it new, I bought it from him 5 years ago and have slowly been doing projects to it. This year is gonna be new dash/helm and probably the hull gelcoat and trailer redo (again).
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    Hallett 335

    Congrats! Beautiful rig for sure!
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    Real boats, are handmade.

    Awesome thanks for sharing! If I ever live on a lake, I think I’d have to have one of these to cruise around in. They built a bunch with Ilmors back in the day, that’d be pretty cool to have a wood boat with that kind of sound.
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    Pics from Miami Boat show / Boats etc..

    X2 on the Deep Impacts, my thoughts exactly. I think the 390 NorTech is the best looking center console out there. And it’s pretty fast too.
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    Reggie Fountain - King of Offshore

    For sale right? 700s?
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    Hallett 335

    Well if you didn’t buy it already, you have to now, you’re committed!
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    [WTS] 2000 ford excursion 4x4 limited exceptional condition

    What are your thoughts after the Power Pack? Drive better or more power?
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    Hallett 335

    Your boat is beautiful. Might be the best looking Hallett ever built IMO.
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    Hallett 335

    Did you end up looking at and/or buying a 335?