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    Who wants a great dog?

    I love reading these threads!
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    FL To Parker In A Moho 10 or the 40?

    Just be sure to stop at Buc-ee’s along the way and the 10 has more of them!
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    ATC 185 AND 185S

    Never knew there was a 185 without the “S” did the plain 185 not have shocks on the forks like a 110?
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    AutoNation Rant

    I might know of a 2019 for sale that has like 20k on it. If you want I can reach out and find details on it tomorrow morning.
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    Best carne asada in havasu? (TOO BBQ)

    While Ramey’s is second to none in my book, Oscars in Blythe is REALLY good. The carne and pollo are both on point.
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    Not a Husker fan…but what a great video.

    TV’s and social media needs to flooded with this right now, and maybe it will become contagious. This is a great post!!
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    Beef Jerkin

    I’m a huge fan of No Man’s Land Old Fashioned jerky myself. Loves truck stops and QT’s carry it.
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    Air cooled VW

    Geoff Hart Performance & Mach 5.0 928-680-6505
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    Loss of smell

    With the exception of taste, this is me to a T. Now when I say I have taste, I have like a metal taste with everything all the time, the only thing carbonated that I can stand to drink anymore is seltzer water. I too have quit drinking as it just tastes like ass and not any good ass I can...
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    The ladder means it was pre meditated, right?

    Hmm, wonder who he voted for? 😏 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Flo rida

    This is beyond OUTSTANDING and you must be extremely proud!!!
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    [SOLD] 19ft gullwing

    Such a beautiful piece. Any videos of it running?
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    Lux- Chase toons (pretty impressive!)

    Is it possible to make the canopy telescope to make it longer? That would send it over the top.
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    Lux- Chase toons (pretty impressive!)

    Will this be 10’ wide?
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    Lux- Chase toons (pretty impressive!)

    I absolutely love this, and agree with RD completely on the bigger deck in front and back. At 30’ this thing should be massive and ride great with a ton of room. I’m also curious to see if under the center console will have storage that goes down into the center toon. All around I see this as a win!