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    Vintage Racing in Fontana this weekend Auto Club Speedway

    SVRA will be hosting their last race in Fontana this weekend. If you like road racing and vintage cars this might be for you. This is really the only local vintage race held in the LA area. There is also a pretty good car show Saturday. VARA races Willow Springs and Buttonwillow but SVRA races...
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    That was my pit. I was driving the Red 63 Corvette. Small world.
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    Pursuit big rig ch 9

    I got stuck behind this asshole last night on the 5 going home from the Hollywood Bowl. We couldn't figure out what was going on. Took me an hour and a half to get home.
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    Track Day at Laguna Seca tomorrow

    I love that track. Its so much fun. What times did you run. Its amazing how well all these new cars perform stock from the factory
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    Palomar Solar Racing

    He has not had a chance to attend the VARA U. It will help a lot. He is basically learning how to drive a stick shift on the track. Getting better but needs the coaching. I don't think he has finished a race yet. Car either breaks or he goes off track. I will be at SVRA Utah, SVRA Fontana and...
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    Palomar Solar Racing

    I got sucked into this 2 years ago. Its a blast and it seems like you do end up as a full time mechanic. Still alot less than offroad racing. Now I have a BP Corvette, an AP Corvette and a BS 510 that my son is trying to race. He thinks its an offroad car. Costing me a fortune in repairs but we...
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    RANT: Hiring/COVID

    We had a guy quit after 1 week. He stated that he didn't feel mentally capable of having a job right now. I blame the father. He is the one that deserves a good punch in the mouth for raising a pussy. I bet we have gone through 20 guys in the last 2 months.
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    Anyone here have a two or four post lift in their garage?

    I put in two of the Tuxedo SP-6K-SS single post lifts and am real happy with them. I also have a 4 post but the posts are always in the way. I just exit through the passenger door.
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    Any Mopar Fans in here?

    Here is my fun little street car
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    Mercedes GLE 53 AMG

    After seeing this I will have to beat you up on your pricing more.
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    Margarita recipe

    Old school for me was 1 can of limeade fill can with tequila and add 1/2 can of Triple Sec 1/2 can of Grand Mariner 1 can of beer Mix and drink As I get older, fatter and my stomach bothers me I have to drink the skinny ones. We have had a few friends and family get pregnant after a night of...
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    Gopher eradication

    I ended up digging a 24 inch ditch the length of my property and and dropping in a thick plastic barrier. My neighbor doesn't give a damn about his yard and those little bastards would trash my grass. No gophers anymore. They only travel up to 16 inches below the surface so they can never get...
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    New Mid Engine Corvette

    I waited 9 months for mine. It came in 2 weeks ago and I attended the C8 owners 2 day driving course at Spring Mountain this last weekend. I am impressed with this car. It is comfortable, hauls ass and way cheaper than any other performance car out there. There is no way you can be disappointed...
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    [WTB] Box Truck

    I have one that I have to get rid of by March Isuzu NPR
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    Well let’s hope my neighborhood isn’t the next BLM hotspot!

    I am surprised how many Yorba Linda guys are on here. I will have to walk over and check this out Saturday.