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    Time for tires

    I just got a set of the Toyo A/T III in July and they have been great so far. Have put about 3k on them and have no complaints. A little dirty in the photo, but we just got back from the desert.
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    Kids quad

    For an 80, the Suzuki/Kawasaki Lt80 is the only way to go. It took me a month or so, but found a 2006 and its been an awsome bike.
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    "Hey, Bro, can I borrow a gun?"

    Message I got from my brother in law last night.... Hey T, if shit gets crazy and lock down comes, would you be willing to loan Alicia and I one of your guns, I feel so unprotected. How long does it take to buy a gun? Dude this is some scary shit
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    Co-Driver(s) needed for race car

    I can help you out depending on what the race dates are, as I manage my son's Little League team and have a race truck of my own. We have run the full BITD series the past few years as well as some SNORE races.
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    Stagecoach 2019

    Yes, we got a 50 amp spot.
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    Stagecoach 2019

    We will be rolling solo, might have some friends stay with us, but we will be the only trailer. Will try to get a 50 first, thanks for the advice.
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    Stagecoach 2019

    Going to try and get an RV spot tomorrow, is there a difference in the 30 vs 50 amp lots? My trailer is 30 amp but wondering if the 50amp lot is better. This will be our first time attending.
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    50th Mint 400

    We will be racing the morning race in TrophyLite 6017. We will be doing the parade on Wednesday and tech Thursday.