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    Lemoore California Explosion

    What caused the explosion?
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    Cashiers checks

    Go with him to get the cashiers checks, then it's as good as cash. Rule #1 Then, for the off off off chance he wants to complicate things later, the only possibly way he can get his money back is if he initiates a 90 day+ process where he has to show that he didn't get what he paid for and...
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    F26 / Mach 26

    How does DCB get the gel so smooth? Different mold technique or lots of sanding? This thread rocks
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    Compact Battery Jump Starters

    Used mine twice and then on the third use it swelled up and I got scared and threw it in the water lol. If you have a small car it's pretty slick but I'd just keep a full sized one in the boat or truck.
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    Dr Biden world tour- sure knows how to work a crowd

    Hope he's back to 100% now?!
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    Let me look at the pool. Nothing here in OC
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    Long shot here, boat help needed

    Tilly's Marine in Norco is only a few weeks out, most people think they only work on Wakeboats so they don't call. @LakeBeard
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    Where to find good fireworks in NV? Real ones. Not grocery store style.

    That's true, I forget the euphemisms and keywords they use but I'm sure if you're creative you can find it lol. Even in socal
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    whats the ultimate goal ?

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    Long shot here, boat help needed

    Probably this. I've experienced the opposite too on my old boat and current boat. Probably related to angle of trim. Also, perhaps when the boat is running there is some leaking coolant water from a hose? I heard the gimbal bearing can leak too.
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    This might be below many of you, but I figured I would tell you about it anyway.

    Nothing wrong with some bullshit food once in a while! For me it's panda express. It's like crack and forces you to eat the whole thing in one sitting. I try to do it only once a month or less.
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    Free rent…. Only in Ca.

    LOL truer words have never been spoken.
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    Free rent…. Only in Ca.

    True, but COVID is only a temporary thing. Life is long and those that do the right thing will be better off :) Life is like a mirror, you can't cheat it! Karma
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    Driving from SLC to SoCal

    I've never been but a high school buddy's wife owns it, he may be a RDP member actually I will ask
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    CA Boater Card

    Boat US is the one that counts for state farm, or any of them?