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    Havasu house inventory

    They didn't slow down last go around. This time isn't about Covid, its about the shadow inventory of REO properties the banks have been holding for years waiting to let em loose...this time around will be compounded by the new ones that will go into default. The problem will be with the...
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    Real Estate Prices are just insane.

    Not a bad market for a flipper working on 6 houses 😝😝😁
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    Flooring in the desert **mega-mind question**

    Rigid Core Vantage is what they're using at a bunch of new tracts in Vegas I noted last week. Its a pretty good product but the sales people are telling buyers its a high end waterproof real wood system 🤦‍♂️
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    Mail-in ballot

    Mine is good so far in Ca.
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    SEMA Canceled

    CES and AVN gone too..
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    New Las Vegas houses with RV garages

    I may want the info for your FIL..after spending a bunch of days there this may be the better way to go I'm thinking.
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    Bad boat accident at mouth of river

    Good post.
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    Need flooring person in San Fernando Valley

    What kind of flooring? Demo? Prep?? Details..? I can throw my name in the hat if you have some specifics 🤔
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    New Las Vegas houses with RV garages

    Not a bad view for the next few days! Can't wait to check out some of these places 😀
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    Short term rental lesson/pool pump

    My last havi rental had a sign not to take out the pool sweep. I've had a pool my entire life and know what to do but because it was a VRBO and it had a sign I left it in the whole time. Unfortunately 1) you will probably never have me as a renter and 2) everyone else is an f'n moron and it will...
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    My handwriting is in all caps 🤭
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    Any roofers on the board? I had some questions.

    ☝️ cement mix, you can do it yourself with a 12'r and hit the whole edge..wife won't bother you for 12 hours.
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    Saleen Pedro..?

    Wow great offer that's pretty cool RD!
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    Saleen Pedro..?

    Funny I was thinking Flex Seal 😆
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    Saleen Pedro..?