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    New trucks.....

    I have the exact same issue at my dealership, manufacturer info was widely inaccurate and led to us pushing harder in Q1 than we should have.
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    $2 miilion per year to operate mini x

    Pretty cool you are in Caineville, I grew up in Price and spent a lot of time riding in swing arm city. Ate many burgers at Stan's traveling back and forth to Bullfrog as well. I'm going to make it a point to come stay at your place and bring our crew!
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    2021 Regency 250 DL3 - Highly Recommend

    That's a great looking toon and a great price! The new 4.6L V8 motor is so quiet its incredible!
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    Rude People

    I have definitely noticed a lot more confrontational people than ever in the past few months. I believe it falls in line with what some others have said, there are no repercussions for acting that way.
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    M-37R hull #6. Rochester NY

    Excellent work as always Tony!! Congrats on getting the first of many on the east coast!
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    Antelope Point to Bullfrog Marina

    Thank you! We've been enjoying it. That's not bad fuel economy with the power you are running! I averaged a little over 2 mpg this weekend which I'm pretty pleased with, I didn't run very hard though. Spent most of the weekend between 70-80 just soaking everything in, the weather couldn't have...
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    Antelope Point to Bullfrog Marina

    Who's Ryan?
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    Antelope Point to Bullfrog Marina

    The amount of wake boats this weekend was the most I've ever seen on Powell and I've been boating Powell my entire life. With the cut at Castle Rock closed and all of the traffic funneling through the same area after Antelope Point it was insanity. The worst part about the dock crushers are...
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    Antelope Point to Bullfrog Marina

    We saw you guys out running! Your boat came out really nice, it looked super sharp on the trailer too! I was surprised by the performance boat turnout as well, I feel like the water level scared everyone off when it shouldn't have! The boating was excellent with a ton of things to see and...
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    Lake Powell state line report

    Hey! I'm glad everything went well for you guys! I'm bummed I couldn't make it down to come run with you guys, hopefully we can link up soon. Antelope isn't too bad of a spot, they have always been good to us!
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    Lake Powell on the news

    Go to Antelope Point Marina, go through the pay station as you approach and take an immediate right into the dirt parking lot. There is a stop sign as you are pulling through, at the stop sign there are generally some employees that handle the valet service for the ramp. They do charge you $40...
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    Lake Powell on the news

    I was just at Antelope Point Marina this weekend. We utilized the Antelope private ramp to launch our pontoon boat and the private ramp was just fine for use and I expect it to stay that way through end of season. Yes, the water is low, but I was on the lake in 2005 and it was about the same...
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    Mercury 450R - any issues ?

    Let us know your thoughts on them! I'd be curious to see what you think on your 340X!
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    Mercury 450R - any issues ?

    I've noticed as I burn off fuel my boat settles on its back steps better and the water pressure comes up, I'm sure with your even bigger tanks you will notice this more than I do! It will be interesting to see if the 18 rake props make a difference as well. I wish I could have ran my 18 rakes...
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    Mercury 450R - any issues ?

    You will see variance widely with water pressure depending on several factors. I would say as stated earlier the variance in the trim setting would be enough to cause that discrepancy in water pressure. Those pressures I would say are normal for that speed, 90+ MPH and those pressures should...