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    Looking for a MiniCat

    Channel Kats currently in progress
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    Removing powder coat

    Put it in a bucket of acetone for awhile. Powder coat will come right off.
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    Went to some shops today

    We ran this boat yesterday and tried 2 props, and both ended up being too big. Ran 68 MPH GPS. We've got another 400-500 RPM in the motor, so stepping down the diameter on the next test. 350 Verado hanging on a 10" setback hydraulic jack plate. Plenty of tweaking left to find the sweet spot, but...
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    Anybody need an old Hot Boat article or picture scanned?

    Looking for the following issues/articles on minis: January 1988 page 17 October 1988 July 1989 page 60 September 1989 page 62 October 1992 page 48 If you have duplicates, I'll buy them. Thanks in advance. :thumbsup
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    Suicidal Tendencies

    OG Body Count. Saw them play the original Lollapalooza tour in Irvine, 1991. They tore the place up :skull Language NSFW https://youtu.be/Djb3YbRMWGU
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    Havasu Boat Drags

    JRDBRL action in Havasu 10/3/15 Photo courtesy of Steve Montgomery Hot Wired Images
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    Jr Drag Boat Racing League

    I'll do my best. I'm pretty much a one man band on this deal, so time is scarce. Still building custom minis as well and I think I'm busier now that i'm "retired". This one just went to Michigan 2 weeks ago.
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    Jr Drag Boat Racing League

    Thanks George. Watching my youngest, who is now almost 19, go from racing go karts to being glued to the XBOX was one of my biggest motivators. While I'm not a fan of forcing kids to pursue any specific activity, having options certainly helps. Good, clean family-oriented fun. :cool
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    Jr Drag Boat Racing League

    So, I didn't have a subscription to the thread and missed all of the various inquiries. Here's a nutshell version of where things are with the Junior Drag Boats. The boats debuted at the John Haas Memorial in Wheatland, MO. A total of 5 kids signed up and ran the boats throughout the weekend...
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    Jr Drag Boat Racing League

    The boats are going to be there for any and all kids that want to get in them. Bring 'em down!
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    Jr Drag Boat Racing League

    Eh....maybe. Here's the problem, might be a hard sell to the insurance folks on this deal. Was difficult enough getting them to go with the program as it is. I see you're running NHRA Jr. Dragsters - this is going to be very similar when it comes to rules. 660' index, but we will also be...
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    Jr Drag Boat Racing League

    Your are correct Sir. Mini Sanger hydro coming soon...
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    Jr Drag Boat Racing League

    This is for kids age 10-16. The exhibition boats will be running 30HP outboards and we expect speeds around 40 MPH. The draft rules have three different divisions, based on age and index. 55MPH will be about the max on these, running 660'. Hydros will be available for the 2016 season.
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    Havasu - Garage size to house question...

    Zoning variables: RA = no coverage limits RE & R1 = 50% coverage R2 - R5 = 60% coverage Note (7) is specific to R5 lots. The original link is to the LHC building codes. Call Stu Schmeling - Senior Planner/Zoning Administrator 928-854-0714.