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    Hey RD, ....here's another one...............

    I can't believe it was so hard for Molly to be recoginzed. She and her husband Ken lived in Hemet for years. Her boat was a wood 3-point hydro named 'Molly Bee". Last time I saw Molly (quite a few years ago) she was a dosen at Diamond Valley Lake museum. Her husband Ken was an APBA region 12...
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    Shop Tour - DCB.

    It's been years since I was at the DCB shop. You being a real estate mogul -- What's the approximate total square footage of the building? It's got to be bigger than I remember -- only a couple of 37-footers back then would fill that place up.
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    Boat safety

    I don't know how it is now, but several decades ago when Bill Fauntleroy at Lifeline came out with the original 'comp vest' style jacket, he investigated applying for a Coast Guard certification and found it to be very costly for a relatively low volume product. In an emergency siutation, what...


    Triple-digit temps out west. No rain. Where’s all the water? The pattern might last for months or years. Lake Michigan could be coming to Idaho. I guess Havasu and Parker boaters should consider themselves lucky. We have Colorado River water but much of the western U.S. is living through...
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    A little off subject, but this thread just reminded of this, and some of the 'older' board members will remember "Mr. Ricky", the editor/publisher of "Vapor Trails" newspaper back a few decades ago. "Mr. Ricky" was known as "Captain Perfume" around the boat races. You'd smell him before you saw...
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    4.5 months to renew a passport wtf?

    Maybe I just got lucky? I renewed my passport in mid-March 2021 and got the new one back in the mail approximately eight weeks later (no request to have it expedited).
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    Hot Boat magazine scans?

    Can you be more specific? What year and month of issues are you looking for?
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    Lake Arrowhead fire

    I believe the schedule for the Saturday ski races is meet at the north shore marina by 4:30pm and first race goes at about 5:00pm.
  9. When Johnson Outboards Were King – 1953

    When Johnson Outboards Were King – 1953

    Here’s a Cool Piece of Boating History You Might Enjoy First Company to produce ONE MILLION OUTBOARDS – History was made on November 6, 1952 when Johnson Motors produced their one-millionth outboard – a 1953 model 10 hp Sea-Horse. Commemorating the occasion are Clarence Johnson (left), and...
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    Rent Boat with an Operator or Water Taxi. Parker, AZ

    There was a "boat captain" service displaying at the 2021 Havasu Boat Show -- HavaCAptain, John Walthall, 916-247-5167, I know he is Coast Guard licensed, not sure what level of certification. You might want to give him a call. Good luck.
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    Hot Boat Magazine

    Are you looking for a specific year and month Hot Boat?
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    4th Is over and everyone is selling their toys??

    According to the latest (May 2021) boat sales stats fromm NMMA, new boat sales have slowed down compared to one year ago. Not a lot, but enough to possibly indicate a coming trend. Some of this is obviously being caused by a lack of available new boat inventory. However, retail dealers are...
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    Hot Boat Magazine

    You might want to start your search by contacting the former editor of Hot Boat, Brett Bayne -- he's now the editor over at Speedboat.
  14. DON EDWARDS – “Golden Komotion” -- Drag Boat Pioneer

    DON EDWARDS – “Golden Komotion” -- Drag Boat Pioneer

    If you want to know what a sport was really like in the early years, it's always best to get it straight from somebody who was intimately involved in the sport itself. And Don Edwards is exactly that person to go to when it comes to knowing the sport of drag boat racing in the 1960s. Like...
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    Lux- Chase toons (pretty impressive!)

    I don't profess to be a boat designer but I have driven and tested a couple of thousand, and I have to agree with RDP regarding the bow 'patio' area appearing to be awfully narrow for boarding and debarking, especially at crowded courtesy dock time. If starboard and port are the primary boarding...