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    Magic / Horizon Motor Sports

    One of the first things I did when I became Ops Manager for a boat builder in Florida was AC the shop. I I built a case as to the why's we need it and that the ROI would be less than a year and presented it to the owner. He quickly saw the benefits. The hotter it gets the slower the workers get...
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    Show us the pics from YOOOOORE dock...😎

    Our old Florida house
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    Best method to cut down a boat windshield?

    This is how we did it on the Nortechs
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    Best method to cut down a boat windshield?

    Jig saw with a fine tooth blade, masking tape on both side of the windshield to prevent the saw from marking it up. Fire the saw up and keep it at high speed with a smooth even pace. Don't cut on the line but just above it because i guarantee your cut line won't be straight. Grab a 4' 36 grit...
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    F26 / Mach 26

    You and me both...
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    So we found out we have them as well. No tubes on the outside so they must be coming up from the slab. 1600 -2300 to have them drill the entire slab... I've never heard about the tenting process...
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    Trying to hire people... wtf

    Backup and Storage Engineer 😁
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    RDP After Party 2021!!

    This was such a blast as always. Hell I'd come to DS just for this party. Who was that guy in the blue shirt anyway...lol
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    Enough of DS who is going to the party sat night

    Can't wait to get there and continue our sinful ways.....
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    Converting closed bow to open bow.

    We did an MCOB conversion on a 27 ft Warlock. Made it a completely different boat. Way more useful and easy to get around. Awesome lounge spot for the ladies. It was 5k for the upgrade.
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    Desert Storm Roll Call

    1 - Shintoooo + 4 2. DWC and MrsDWC 3. Racer56+1 4. Racer89+1 5. Bpracing +7 6. Singleton’s - 2 adults / 1 kiddo 7. H20 Toie +1 8. RPMsRUP+6 9. Blackmagic94+4 10. Hammer+3 11. 28Eliminator +2 (at least) 12. 240Hallett and Deb 13. rivermobster and crew 14. Bajastu +4 15. Jefftowz + 2 16. Plaster...
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    Do you have an exit plan?

    And this is why I bring questions like this to the RDP Brain Trust. The diversity here is amazing. All walks of life, all different means and ways. Hopefully this discussion has or will enlighten someone that needs it, whichever side of the coin they are on.
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    Do you have an exit plan?

    A friend of mine and I were talking and he asked me if I had an exit plan? It caught me by surprise and I asked what do you mean? He said in case your marriage goes south. He said smart people do prenups, but since he wasn't so smart he decided to put a plan together just in case. I asked him if...
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    I need help, poo eater

    You said it was a rescue, right? We also rescued a small dog that did the same thing. It could also be a learned behavior. If it was a puppy mill dog then it could be that it eats it's own because it was starved in it's former life so it was simply trying to satisfy a hunger. Or we also suspect...
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    Who’s going to Boat show / Super Cat / Desert Storm?

    Sonya and I are coming in Friday for the boat show but have to leave Saturday due to her work schedule. Then back on Wednesday for DS. Looking forward to it since being away for 5 years...