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    Simplifying and downsizing...

    This is one of the better threads I've seen lately. I dig everything you are saying.
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    Vikings TV Show

    "Right click, save" to the spank bank folder. Good Gawd her character checks all the boxes for me.
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    GD.com was a huge part of our life for almost a decade. Camped in the compound for years, ATC70 regattas, EPO races (that don't exist), dune cleanups, Sand Show gatherings, Vegas invasions- you name it and we were probably a part of most events. Almost 15 years later, our best friends that we...
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    Vitamins, supplements

    I swear by grass fed beef bone broth. 4oz per day, drink like it's coffee. Nice flavor, like a beef soup. The natural collagen helps heal your gut which is where most of your health issues start. Beyond that, aches and pains of beating my body up daily are all but gone. If we travel or run out...
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    How Much Fuel $ Spent in Past Week in Havasu ...... Too Soon?

    $42.00 Last minute decision to crash a friends DS party, hopped in Amy's Subaru and went straight to the pool. Drank about 900 beers, passed out comfortably then drove home Sunday. No line at the launch ramp, no traffic either. You guys posted great pics so I felt like I was out there without...
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    For those of us not at Desert Storm....

    Catching up on projects around here. Windy forecast for all my friends that made the trip but I'm sure it will be a good time.
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    Pricing/inflation, how is this not a bigger story?

    Went with the Jasper and happy with everything except the empty wallet. Smooth idle, no more smoke and easily 40% more power than I had before. Spent a bit more than planned as it needed motor mounts, AC condenser, front axle seals and brakes too but happy with the program and warranty. No pics...
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    It’s coming soon... get yore ass in shape

    As a guy who's tried every diet configuration out there, I feel this is worth talking about. Gluten. Cutting out gluten is the least radical thing i've done yet has given the most radical results. This time of year the muscle gets packed on from work so the scale isn't much different but the...
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    the grow thread.....

    The gardening thing got a little out of control over the years. I agree, the grocery store stuff can't compete on flavor and nutrition over compost grown goodies from your own yard. We make our own compost in big batches and are stepping into indoor growing for the first time this year.
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    It’s coming soon... get yore ass in shape

    My Peloton. First load of alfalfa for the season with no squeeze truck available to unload. We're at 5300' elevation where unloading and stacking by hand puts a guys cardio to the test 😁 . This is the first winter I kept exercising so i'm where I need to be going into Spring and it feels great...
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    [SOLD] 1992 custom chevy Van

    Son of a bitch. Never knew I needed a van till right now!
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    Gopher eradication

    Number 11. These things are definitely worth the money. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gopher eradication

    Number 10. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for Strippers in Havasu

    Furniture Workz 928-230-2549 Janet. Super skilled, has an incredible wood/workshop on her property on the Southside.