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    Weed thread!!! A place for reviews, shops, legal, ect

    Good advise all around. I like the suggestion "start small", this is new territory for me so I will do a bit more research but judging by the feed back looks like I may get some GOOD sleep. Again, NOT looking for a buzz or feeling like I'm under the influence, just somthing to mellow me out...
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    Jason... The cat, the killer, the bodybuilder

    Sooo, your putting through the channel, as-wipe on shore hits you with a water canon, little does as-wipe no you got a "hit cat" on board, you throw Jason at as wipe, open another beer, call it good. Cops will come if you send a dog, but cops see Mr. psycho Jason licking his paws after he...
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    Jason... The cat, the killer, the bodybuilder

    I had to go back and look at the picture, LAUGHED my ass off, I didn’t even notice the kid in the background- and he aint lookin so good (I assume asleep) maybe ol Jason is from the Pet Cemetery and was busy smackin on the little one right before the photo. 😆
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    I am ready for my B-Job tomorrow morning!

    Oh man, I am itching already
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    Weed thread!!! A place for reviews, shops, legal, ect

    I am a non smoker- Pot wasnt my thing so i am pretty uneducated in this area of extra activites. Why do these gummies help you sleep? I'm asking because if I get more than 4-5 hours sleep a night, I'm doing good but its very rare. I've started taking ZZZ everynight but if the gummies are a...
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    An idea to eliminate the rocks in the channel.

    Easy fix- Anytime somone pulls up in the channel, take a few minutes and pick up the rocks in "your section" toss them in the middle of the channel- oh wait, I can see the chaos now, first water cannons then rocks, never mind :(
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    Lost and found?

    Was that stuck in the side wall or is there a possibility you just ran over it and it managed to puncture the tire? I’ve had bolts and pieces of steel that I wondered how did it get in my tire. But if your tire was deliberately "stabbed" that really sucks
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    Best TV Show Intro-Song of All Time???

    Hills Street Blues- Veronica Hamell as Joyce Davenport:D
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    Anyone else getting offers on the old Hard Rock in Vegas?

    Damn, I haven't been in a casino in ages. I'd be like a crack head after my stimulus check if I went , sure looks fun.
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    CAL Ranch Grand Opening

    Lots of Cal Ranch's here in Idaho, Great for Guns/Ammo and tools. DeWalt dealer and as mentioned huge selection of Stihl chain saws. Not that you Havi guys need it but a full selection of cold weather gear like Carhart, work boots etc. Got animal's and pets? good selection of "farm" type tack...
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    Garden is In

    Whats all that green stuff? Oh, wait, its "GRASS" ...all I see out my window is snow and dead everything. Your post just confirms- IM DONE WITH WINTER:oops: Post pictures when harvest happens!!
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    Tiger Woods in hospital

    The final report will be: caused by Covid. not Tigers fault
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    the site 6 of you tube channels

    ...and lets not forget the Lake Lice doing dougnuts 10 feet from the docks and ramp
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    the site 6 of you tube channels

    Soooooo, lets see, I get the launch ramp folies, people make bad mistakes/inexperience/buzzed, maybe even equipment failure - breaks fail/slip out of park, ok, I'll give them the benifit of the doubt HOWEVER- The fool that launches his boat onto and over the sandy beach AND then landing upside...