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    Guns and Ammo

    I would like to check it out as well, thanks
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    *~* Happy Birthday AFTERSHOCK RACING+!*~*

    Happy birthday Chris, make it a good one 👍
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    When did you realize you were officially old? My time was yesterday.

    It finally hit me when I sat down on the toilet and my balls splashed in the water
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    Ford Sales

    Bought mine from Bobby, will do it again
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    Havasu Riviera Build

    Will be watching your build, and I’ll be picking your brain when we are ready.
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    Replacing deck and flooring on 2008 27 Playcraft Tritoon

    Redid mine 2 years ago, any questions ask me, I did new panels as you can see and brought them all the way up an put them on the outside.
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    Havasu Riviera up date

    Yes, that was her. Gonna be following your build post you got going on. She bought lot 54
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    Havasu Riviera up date

    My girlfriend drove down last night for a 9 am appt today at the ridges and ended up buying one. She could say no to our dog.
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    curbless showers, has anyone done it?

    I wish I didn’t need the glass but didn’t have enough room, this is it when done
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    curbless showers, has anyone done it?

    Here’s mine, almost done
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    Dental Referral ?? UPLAND CA

    That’s where I go, no complaints
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    Andddd they shut off my power

    A ext. cord with 2 male ends, plug one end into generator and the other to a house plug and back feed the panel
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    18+ lounge?

    G &A please