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    Any playcraft pontoon owners here?

    Somewhere around $9000. Floor was solid but after removing everything including steering counsel and all the wires to gauges, I figured another $900 for all new marine plywood and I should be good for at least another 15 years. Moving the panels to the outside opened up another can of worms...
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    Any playcraft pontoon owners here?

    I don’t have any close up pics, but they did roll the edges as there are no sharp edges, then they put a seem down about 6 inches from top and another one up about 3 inches from the bottom to break it up so it’s not just a flat pieces of panels
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    Any playcraft pontoon owners here?

    Justin at concept powder coating in Rancho Cucamonga had them made for me.
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    Any playcraft pontoon owners here?

    I took removed everything, new wood, carpet, had new panels made for the outside of the rails and all the way up, this is the 2nd season for the wrap. The wrap on one toon is being difficult, but the top is holds up great
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    Any playcraft pontoon owners here?

    had mine for 14 years, great boat
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    On the fly Mechanic needed in Havasu?

    Well waiting for that Avatar pic, any luck?😂😂
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    So anyone here do auto transport?

    I’m off work and bored, I have a 2020 f450 and a 18’ enclosed trailer, I can get the vw to snowflake. Or if you want both find me a flatbed to pull and I’ll take care of both. Shannon.
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    Havasu this weekend

    And with bullhead closing ramps, are more people gonna go to havasu?
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    Vinyl or Wood Shutters

    Another vote for Dylan, he did my house about 5-6 years ago and still look great👍
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    Need a Diesel shop in Corona

    X2 for Trenton but it’s Rancho Cucamonga he is on vineyard and 9th.
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    She seems upset

    Where’s the strangest place you made Whoopi? In the butt bob . 😂
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    Richie is laid up..........

    the crutches are difficult, borrowed a knee scooter and what a difference, cruise around now. They are putting me in a regular cast next Thursday
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    Happy birthday BUDMAN!

    Hey Paul, happy birthday
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    OG roll call?

    Hey Dylan, what’s up. All the shutters are doing great.
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    So....going to live out one of my dreams going forward

    That’s what I want to do, I have a 2018 grand design Reflection 337, and just got my f450 from (Bobby Williams). Post your adventures on here, interested in your travels. Enjoy