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    Meanwhile in Mexico, 3 hours drive north of RD's vacation...

    Its all good in Mexico.... Until its not.......
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    New Can Am X3 registration. Can this be right?

    In California, you can get a certified weight and that drives your pricing. My suggestion would be to not pay that. Buy it, strip off every unneeded item like spare tires etc, and get a certified weight under 1800. then proceed with your registration.
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    Home Depot Deal

    Bought a similar one for work years back. So good I bought one for myself at home and then got them for my guys at work. They all love them. Half the time at work, it is used for sitting on in front of the enclosure for wiring and programming. Also used as a step for the taller hardware.
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    Cable Deck Fencing Ft. Mohave

    The fact that it doesn't crack or chip is attractive. fairly permanent.
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    Cable Deck Fencing Ft. Mohave

    Interesting ideas here. I have been researching ideas on fencing also. One of the biggest concerns is how to prevent rust. What coating to use? I have something like a thousand linear feet, some solid privacy and some open. The stainless cable is one of the leaders for the open areas. I...
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    good morning inmates

    Hello all;
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    The writing is on the wall for auto workers and supply companies, supporting ICE production

    Well, here in Sacramento this is definitely not true. They brag all the time about it.
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    Who would your Wife/SO temp suspend your relationship for?

    Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones - doom and arc era only. Think I'm safe for the moment.
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    good morning and happy hump day inmates

    Hello all;
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    What SUV is this?

    I could drive that..... Not that I would but I could. It would get you noticed. I wonder what level protection it provides?
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    SeaDek/Gatorstep on vinyl upholstery?

    My bet is the staining issue is heavily color dependent......
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    Looking up compensation ranges....

    I'm just a menial state worker. My pain threshold stopped at a masters....... :cool: However I am in a similar situation and am terribly underpaid for what I do. I am starting to look in to the private sector and abandoning 12 years of state time. This is also a problem of specialization...
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    Looking up compensation ranges....

    About 125 + 30 bonus. The head ache, workload, and responsibility has gone up by an order of magnitude..... 20 or 25k sounds like a low ball offer.
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    Looking up compensation ranges....

    The job can be almost anywhere, They are based out of the Sacramento area because that's where they live. The company is north east coast
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    Looking up compensation ranges....

    The current offer is is $145 + $30k potential bonuses + a few odds and ends.