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    Sugar coma here I come

    Four hours sleep? That’s a power nap. I retired two years ago when I turned 66. I am still very active with our three properties. Two apartment buildings, and our four bedroom house in the Burbank, CA hills keeps very busy. After so many years of a career in mechanical engineering, various sales...
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    Sugar coma here I come

    LOL, Oh yeah, I’m smiling or laughing most of the time I’m awake. I have been a bit short on sleep lately, getting about five hours a night. This is always a very busy time of year for both my wife & I with business demands, and the regular seasonal, decorating, shopping for presents, dinners...
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    Boeing stock

    I also holding my shoes also but, ready to sell quickly if the stock starts to dip downward. I’ve already had the discussion with my stockbroker shortly after the news broke. If the value drops quickly I will drop most of the shares held then, track the stock to buy in again once the stock price...
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    School officer slams kid to the ground

    I saw that on TV news this evening. That adult has a huge lawsuit coming at him from the kid’s parents, that will likely sue the kid’s attacker, as well as the school district the guard worked for.
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    Sugar coma here I come

    Not new to RiverDavesPlace, been on here for many years, and of course I own a V-Drive 21’ Schiada. I just don’t post very often. Regarding the comment regarding diabetes, both my mom and my younger brother were diabetics. Both required daily injections of insulin every morning. They both died...
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    Sugar coma here I come

    A half pound apiece! Wow, that’s a diabetic’s death wish that will raise a diabetic person’s blood-sugar to a dangerously high level. Moderation as the little bite in the second photo shows is good serving size.
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    Travel Trailers?

    Yes, I did mean a 2” receiver, and 2 5/16” hitch ball. Thanks for catching my error. I was typing faster that my thoughts of the proper set-up. For my Chevy 454 3+3 dually with fuel injection, I carry three separate hitch heads, each with a different hitch ball diameter. I also installed...
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    Travel Trailers?

    For a size of trailer in the original posting above, I recommend a 1- ton 2500 HD Crew Cab with dual wheels/tires and equipped with a “load-leveling, anti-sway heavy duty trailer hitch with the anti-sway bars with a vertically adjustable hitch-head (with a minimum 2” trailer ball). My...
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    What’s it worth - vintage Andy Clarke waterskis

    That yellow & black ski appears to be very similar to my Endo’s racing ski, except my ski is orange, with black high top racing bindings.
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    Rain was light in the hill area of Burbank, CA at 6:00 am, then showers between 7:30 am and 9:30 am. Sunny and mid 50’s now at 3:35 pm. More rain off and on forecasted for the next couple of days.
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    Where Can I Get A Good Steak?

    My wife and I have been going to Damon’s for over 30 years. Fantastic steak dinners, and great drinks too! A real Old time classic steakhouse.
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    Sped shops in So Cal?

    Call Teague Custom Marine in Valencia, CA (just off of I-5 Northbound). 28115 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, CA 91355 Phone: (805) 295-7007 Fax: (805) 295-7007. Possibly they can ship overnight express delivery? Worth a call!
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    Early bird gets the best part of the day on water

    Whomever was the first boat on the water at that boat ramp “shattered the glass!.” Beautiful way to start your day on the water.
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    24 Schiada with twins?? Yes Please!

    With full fuel tanks included in the weigh-in.
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    OFFICIAL World Water Ski Racing Championships!!!

    Go Team USA! I appreciate your posting of the pictures of all of the hard work involved to prepare the boats, trailers, equipment required, and spares, as well was the physical conditioning involved to accomplish this huge effort representing the USA. Wishing you the very best of skills, and...