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    How can the stock market keeps rising with the issues of today?

    Our business is as busy as ever and from what I can tell new construction in general is very busy .... seems like everyone has money to spend
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    Walther 22 semi autos

    Good to know ..... bought one for my wife also and has had problems, it's probably my cheap ammo
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    Lunch Booty Call...PDA...Must be newlyweds...

    You have to think whatever you're doing someone will have a pic or video of it
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    Some guy took a lot of the possible names for the Redskins and filed them about a year ago ...... lol https://www.cbsnews.com/news/washington-redskins-name-trademark-martin-mccaulay/
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    Lost Speedways

    with no power steering! .... a long day for those drivers. Cool video! .... love the nascar official inspecting the cars .... check for cu in, roll bars, safety harness and any aluminum for weight advantage ..... then you were good to go!👍
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    AATIP, Tucker, UFO’s

    This series on Prime is pretty convincing ... Unidentified: Inside Americas UFO Investigation Was made by the director of AATIP
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    Carlsbad 1980

    Loker is just west of Melrose ...... when Melrose went in it took out part of the track. Its pretty cool to walk it, you can still see the start and that 1st turn along with many other sections.
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    Rice Road now

    hey, some cool things to see in Quartzsite ..... but then again I'm never in a hurry
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    19 Things You Never Knew About The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    Interesting that Tarantino called it the greatest achievement in cinema history and his absolute favorite movie
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    joey chestnut breaks the record again....

    Kobayashi was the defending champion but they don't let him compete anymore
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    New Movies For Summer 2020

    I felt the same, just another manson story ... heard it a 1000 times, but with the tarantino twist on it .... very entertaining!! Good charactors and great soundtrack!
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    Cory Mac & Nordic Boats

    Doesn't he live in havasu or used too maybe
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    NASCAR Apologie

    Maybe he didn't have anything to do with it but he's sure playing the victim here bigtime ..... love the tears ...lol ..... oh and Richard Petty went from the king to just another old fool!
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    Boat Movies

    Caption Ron's pretty good at docking too!
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    Reliable pool builder in Havasu ?

    Get a quote from Brian at Desert Storm Custom Pools ....... seriously, quality work on time