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    California lake levels illustrate severity of the drought

    it was filling up too fast .... they were dumping water out to make room the incoming to prevent flooding. It was cool to see .... they've been trying to raise the dam by 18' but hasn't happened yet
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    Monday traffic?

    Yeah I came through there at about 10:30 too thinking I was going to beat the traffic ..... I'll say it again....never again! ...lol
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    What’s to do in Temecula for the day besides wineries.

    If you haven't been ... go to old town, lots of cool things to see ..... stop at the outdoor beer and wine garden at the north end
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    GS Marine on Judge Judy

    Yes who?? ... lol ... why even bother starting this thread then
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    PGA Championship

    Phil 200-1 odds
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    Hollyweird Crap

    I recently watched a YouTube video of the filming locations for Cool Hand Luke (by History Hunters)..... with the exception of the parking meter scene a lot of the other locations haven’t changed a whole lot in 50+ years
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    What the best thing you bought this year??

    Got this a couple months ago ...... FS23 ...
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    Good entertainment for sure👍
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    Heat Pump Thermostat Batteries

    Yep been on many service calls to find out this was the problem
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    Question for the tall inmates

    True, I’m 6’5” and have a 21 F250 with plenty of room without even having the drivers seat maxed out
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    Heads up Americans!

    Pretty cool that some are still flyin Trump flags in Havasu! ..... lets keep it going!
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    RIP Bobby Unser

    Was always great watching the Unsers race at Indy ..... RIP Bobby
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    Mike Finnegan’s new 21 Daytona!!

    Very cool! ...following along. I have to say too the whole mold process is pretty mind boggling stuff!
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    To those who enjoy BOAT RACING, what do you prefer?

    70's drag boat racing was it .... so many classes and boats!
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    Happy Birthday DaytonaBabe

    Happy Birthday!