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Mar 20, 2019
    1. ONE-A-DAY
      Yo...............hows that paperwork coming along? I can make things a bit easier for you, we can take the apps over the phone now, takes about 20 minutes. Let me know what works best for you. If you have most of them complete, I can take them and then we could finish them up over the phone.

      - Walt
    2. waterboy
      hey im doing the stool and apron in the house i just bought and need to know how far out from the wall to make them and how far past the window to go, with your shutters, thanks shannon
    3. Lavey29
      Your PM box was full. Do I tell you the paint color which is Frazee white satin #1020? Thanks for the quick reply and good estimate. I have some cabinets going in at the end of the month so was thinking about maybe the middle of next month? How long in advance do I have to place an order with you? Cash or credit?
    4. Captain Dan
      Captain Dan
      Looking for a quote for plantaton shutters for my home in Murrieta. Would you be interested?
    5. Inland Air Balance
      Inland Air Balance
      Would you be interested in giving me a price for some window treatments for our home i San Dimas?
      909-632-5974 cell
      909-305-1145 home
    6. TFH
      Dylan, do you do drive gates? call me

    7. lebel409
      Hey Dylan,

      I'm thinking I want to get you to look at our front doors. We really like the white oak craftsman you put in on 11th...so close to that. Last time we talked you said around 5K?

      Anyway give a call. 1-909-869-3550 8-5, 1-909-626-2796 eves & weekends.


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