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    Mount Everest Record

    Bourkreev wrote a book called "The Climb" which is basically his rebuttal to the Krakuaer claims and his side of the 96 expedition. Great read. Another great read that started my passion for hiking was "A Life on the Edge" - Jim Whittaker
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    South American gangs targeting affluent houses...how to be proactive

    I live in South HB and have many of the same concerns you do. One of my buddies is an HB Det and echos everything you have been saying about the south American gangs and what a HUGE problem it is. He says make sure to shoot them inside the home before you drag them to the grass to bleed out;)
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    New boat 22 Vaughn

    I'm sure rough water is an equalizer;) Boat sounds great love watching this build!🤙🤙
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    Who needs a car hauler when you can just get a U-haul

    I've been renting those trailers quit a bit lately and find the D-Rings on the inner rails work best. I'm opposite where the tires have been too big to use their BS front straps. The cheesy Husky $10 2" straps work perfect just cut off the excess 30ft!
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    Things you regret for 500 Alex

    Man I can't imagine! I regret selling my 76 & 74 EBs about 10 years ago. I almost sold my 67 as well but wife said keep it and fix it up.....glad I did, been whoring it out as a picture car. Heres some "behind" the scenes from yesterday!:p:p
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    Rivian Truck - looking for input

    Neighbor is an Engineer for Rivian, he's been driving one home for at least 3 years now... It's growing on me, lot of little BS they put a lot of thought into. I will say I have seen it leave more than once on a tow truck so???
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    Time for batteries.

    The lifelines in my Toyhauler were on year 9 when I sold it, had no issues. My current set of 6v in the moho are on year 7 no issues. We put 12v lifelines in the Schiada and both sets went 10 yrs, we never put a maintenance charger on them ever...
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    AZ RV Insruance

    You need to insure the coach in the state where it's registered, both AZ and CA are reporting states... (as in) the ins company will report a vehicle is financially responsible to DMV/MVD by VIN. They will only report to that state, not all states, so if registered in AZ and insured in CA the...
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    Glamis North

    Agree with all, younger riders have no fun. The last time we went, we were able to take coolers into the pool area... I've heard that changed. Also, don't get an RV spot next to the "resident" trailers/cabins, last trip we had turn the RV around. Our door was facing the patio of Salton Sea's...
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    [SOLD] **New** Sand Drifters/Method 406 Beadlock wheels (SxS)

    New tires and wheels never mounted on car, beadlocks have a couple scratches from storage. LUG Pattern 4/115 Front tires 28x10-14 Rears 28x13-14... This set new was $2k asking $1200 please text rarely check PMs here. Brian 714-916-8027
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    Police shoot, kill armed man in Huntington Beach

    @just_floatin this should help you…
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    Which super duty is best for truck camper...

    Pops just sold his 19 F350 with air bags and 30k hitch a couple weeks back only had 4K miles. They loved it with the Lance and towed a flat bed with his RZR or a Bronco. Bobby set them up, and they nothing but good things to say about the whole process.[emoji1303]
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    Lance campers...

    Parents just sold their 2020 Lance for what they paid a year ago. Moving back into a Moho. Had a slide, built really well. Camped in the snow and camped in the heat, they were always comfortable. The only down side I see was really small bathroom and LONG way down out the back door for a...
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    [WTS] Old School BMX Mini’s

    I might be in Eagle Rock next week meeting a client… if that makes it easier.
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    [WTS] Old School BMX Mini’s

    1983 Mongoose Pro Comp Mini all original, no peddles has some rust. $175 (talked to collector put a much larger number on it) 1992(ish) ELF Jr Mini, redline hubs & neck, prolite bars, 3 pc cranks, Carbo Answer forks. Has small dent on downtube $150 Located in HB.