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    Old movies to pass the time

    cannery row classic !
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    Ford v Ferrari

    "those guys are alll fags"
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    Ford v Ferrari

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    Ford v Ferrari

    Amazon prime The return
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    Ford v Ferrari

    Documentary 24 hour war ! Hollywood fucks up everything they do
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    If your homeless

    Move to LA they are planing to spend a half a billion dollars next year on them.between those two pee pee touchers Eric Garcetti and Gavin Newsom we are Fuc***
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    Is the handshake done

    I don't know what to do anymore.fist pump,hand slap,I guess I'm just old.
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    RIP Tom "Mongoose" McEwen

    These guys are old school tough mother f'ers they don't give up!
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    F1 on ABC

    WTF by far the worst produced shit show show I have ever seen.
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    old tv shows

    Rockford Files
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    Super moon

    Earthquake ? stand by
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    Netflix Gaga

    I hate to admit but she f##king talented!:thumbsup
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    Air Shows?

    Blue Angels represents a proud country.NFL represents a bunch of over payed assholes.
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    Air Shows?

    I live near PCH and Beach Blvd they just did a full show!Badass:thumbup:
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    Charlie Saunders

    Long time friend,a old ski racer I heard has passed .RIP young Chuck.