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    Dual sport bikes???

    Honda XR 650R is the best all around bike IMO, I bought mine from my uncle in 2002 & I still own & ride it today. I've never had any issues with it probably because I serviced it often. Rode it all over Baja, in the states & on the streets. Great all around bike that has won many top level...
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    [SOLD] 2006 Silverado 3500HD Dually LBZ 4wd

    I love mine!!! Tows like a dream & is an awesome truck to cruise to the river with the family. I bought it from a member on RDP in 2018 (89,000 miles) whoever buys this one will not be disappointed. Good luck with the sell
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    Overnight Dry Camping In or Near Sedona, AZ

    A few of us our leaving on a trip to Durango, Co next week. We will be leaving Durango on Saturday morning the 20th to head home & we are trying to find a place to overnight camp in our 4 motor homes (all 37'-40' in length) near Sedona so we can take the kids to slide rock. We would only be...
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    Anyone have a line on a KX500?

    I found a 2000 in Long Beach last February, I’ve wanted another bike to ride around at Superstition desert with my younger boys who are riding with me now (10 year old CR 85 big wheel/expert, 8 year old-KX 65 & oldest is on a Hon 250X). I have been riding for 35 years & grew up on 2 strokes...
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    If you don't mid me asking, what spot where you in or what spots will fit your trailer in that...

    If you don't mid me asking, what spot where you in or what spots will fit your trailer in that campground. We just purchased a Forest River 5th wheel that 43' over all and I'm not sure what parks I can fit in at the beach. I tow it with a 2007 GMC Dually.
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    Class A motorhome must-haves......

    Just purchased a 39’ 5th wheel a couple months ago. I have a family of 5 & we didn’t go with a motorhome Because my wife didn’t wanna make beds every morning. We love our new purchase, it has a 16’ garage that I can fit a Polaris 4 seat 900, KX 500, CRF 250x, KX 65 & a KFX 80 quad. It’s a...
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    The Lower River was looow...

    We did our annual family camp out trip this weekend on the sandbar in between 4S & Walters. Needless to say it was pretty schetchy getting up there & back from Fishers Landing with 5 boats, we all made it up and back with no issues but it wasn't easy especially since all the boats were heavier...
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    Boat races in LongBeach

    Great Racing Yesterday, it was a full house of boats to watch
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    2007 GMC Dually Duramax

    Nope, but that's my brother Wes with the Placecraft & my Dad (Wes) has the Mach 22 with the injection in it. He may of had his wood deck Litchfield out there too depending on what year that was. The truck is great, I bought it for towing a 5th wheel & going back & forth to the river but I'm...
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    2007 GMC Dually Duramax

    Your dad is a cool dude, I think we talked for 30 minutes about hot rods while checking out his 63 Impala. I'd like to come back & buy the Impala, the truck was perfect too & it was a great purchase for my family Thanks
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    Dust 2 glory

    Loved the first movie & can't wait for the 2nd one to come out. (Side Note) The couple pictured in the movie trailer screen shot are also fellow boaters that grew up at the lower Colorado River & own a 21 Daytona that was completely restored by KMG
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    WTB Placecraft Jet

    Call Kevin @ KMG, he was contemplating on selling his Placecraft. I'ts an old Placecraft Top Fuel Jet or Blown Fuel Jet drag boat from the 90's called "Ritch Bitch", I believe there's a picture of it on his website.
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    interior recommendations San Diego Area

    Yes he does, he started a interior division a few months ago
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    Hot mop shower pans

    I used Hovis Shower pans out of Temecula for my house, very nice guy that does good work. As RMARION said do not try it yourself, I'm a roofing contractor that owns kettles & I gladly paid Hovis to do my shower pan. Hovis Shower Pans TEMECULA, CA 92589-3502 P: 844.H20.TIGHT...
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    Kawasaki KX 65 High Altitude Jet/Carb Settings

    I searched the internet for some ideas (with no luck on clear answers) on how to set the jetting/needle on my son's 2002 Kawaski KX 65 when were riding in mammoth this month. We currently ride out at the river (fishers landing) & Ocotillo wells so I know where it's set now will be off. Mammoth...