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    40 WB, Exit J Street, LMAO

    That is one of those had to be there moments. Right there with ya though, some of the crap I find funny my wife rolls her eyes at...must be the 12 yo boy living in my head 🤣
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    Huntington Beach restaurant calls for only unvaccinated diners

    Attention whore, nothing more
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    Brawl at Wahweap Marina Docks..... WTF....

    Not to mention the other kid that almost got trampled when the three guys fell in the second scuffle...thank God for the guy that Had enough sense to pull her outta the way
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    Yo suckas.....Costco deal...can lights...

    4k is bright white. 2700k is yellow
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    Brawl at Wahweap Marina Docks..... WTF....

    That dumb bitch that left her kid in the stroller to break up the first scuffle should have her mom card revoked...that could have ended much worse:mad: Guys are tools..
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    A dear friend took their life this week.

    Your words of wisdom speak the truth. Condolences on the loss of your friend and prayers to his family. ❤
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    Hiding outdoor stereo receiver

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    👍 👎🖖
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    Regal Beagle - Coolest thing You will ever see

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    Raise your hand if you been there…..

    Heroin.. it's not just your daddy's drug
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    Caption this

    Found On Roadside Dead
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    Water softeners, school me.

    I wound up going with a salt-free system since I had no good drain next to my tanks. It did help noticeably however my shower heads still build up a calcium residue
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    Water softeners, school me.

    I don't have one but when I was researching my softener I looked into utilizing potassium. It works in the same way that salt does only supposed to be healthier for consumption and easier on the internals of the system. Quite a bit more expensive than Salt though
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    Water softeners, school me.

    Use potassium instead of salt
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    Just when you think society can't get any more stupid....wtf.... costco crates??? really?

    No that version is the socal homeless holiday pack( easy to put a tent on top)