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    New Bimini Top

    there's varying degrees (60, 80, 90, 95 % etc) of sunblock--aka- "shade factor" available. You tell the fabricator what shade factor % you want.
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    Today is my Birthday

    well fuggin a..........hrappy burfday u twos....
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    High water level

    That's what I've heard here in Big River as well. Water flow is dependent on farmers needs/orders. Hi water flows here seem pretty typical for this time of year. They have been flowing a lot lately. My platform has seen many days under water lately. Typically it seems shortly after Memorial...
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    Looking for Engine builder SB Chevy 400blk

    slandering other well known, respected engine builders such as Paul Pfaff, Lew Larson, etc. just to make himself sound good, fucked up valve train geometry, double charging on items, breaking oil pump castings, poor wrist pin fitment etc. etc. etc. Sorry mobster, just my experience with that...
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    Salon owner jailed after keeping her salon open during the shutdown.....

    revenue generators is what the LEO's have become in many cases. Apparently Their taking full advantage of this one.
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    Salon owner jailed after keeping her salon open during the shutdown.....

    The "shallow crub" is only concerned with his reflection in the mirror.
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    good morning inmates

    Suuupppp peeps.......mmmm.....ladies
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    Sealing thru hull hardware

    Read the product labels 3m 5200 is for permanent installations like deck hardware, underwater running hardware etc. Should you want to remove a bracket in the future you will likely have a gel coat repair to go along with it. 3M 4200 is for removable items such as what your doing. You can...
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    Lawsuits coming

    WOW.......incredible information. Definitely worth the time to listen. thx.
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    Meanwhile today at Huntington Beach

    incorrect, he only has to give them 24 hrs. notification to enter their unit. He can be at/on the premises anytime he deemed necessary w/o notice.
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    Netflix- Ozarks

    even wyatt and darlene?lol
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    Netflix- Ozarks

    kinna seems like shoving it down our throats.....no pun intended.
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    Netflix- Ozarks

    solid to the end that one is.....crazy shit.
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    Netflix- Ozarks

    haha ya, she is RUTHless. lol
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    Stay Yo Ass In The House!

    What fucked up country is that in?