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    My new river buddy.

    Congratulations Brewers!
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    Boat Issue...

    When mine did that it was the Brazil (sp?) Valve.
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    Zillow dealeo

    From what I understand Zillow is in the business of BUYING properties, thus their “estimate of value” is most always low. This is what I have been told, correct me if untrue.
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    Old Man Issues . . . . . . . .

    I told the wife I got a new set of state of the art hearing aids. The wife asked what kind ? Duh, 3 o’clock.
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    Draw bar? Receiver question

    Mine has the factory reducer. (GMC) Lost it once and tried the U-Haul reducer and it was sloppy and difficult to line up the holes as it did not have a shoulder one end. Went back to the factory one. They only cost a little more but worth it in my mind.
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    Avoid at all costs...

    Yep! It’s called a stupid tax for not planning ahead. Get out in the middle of nowhere and need gas, you’re gonna pay for it. Best money spent vs running out 😜
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    Anybody own an RV pad anywhere?

    Outdoor Resorts in Cathedral City, CA. you can buy. Rent it out when not using yourself. Some are improved pretty nicely.
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    Citrus Trees

    Mine too. Love the smell but my hay fever! 🤪
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    Anybody know anything about comic book prices?

    I’m following this thread. Same as The Prisoner, I have a box of comics from the 60’s. Jug Head, Archie and other misc. comics. Also have newspaper front pages of significant events dating back to ???? probably Kennedy’s assasination? Also have a stamp collection my wife’s great-grandfather had...
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    Great American ShortCourse

    In case any of you are interested! It’s back in So Cal.
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    Seven days to go

    Congratulations Gramps! Enjoy your retirement.
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    She said yes!!!

    Congratulations Jed!
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    E Bikes?

    X2 on the Electric Bike Company in Newport Beach. Appear to be very well built. Ours are holding up real good. Full electric or pedal assist. All the bells and whistles about $2500.
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    Wanted ...

    I have a friend that has a ?2003 Buick La Sabre? he got from his MIL. It had like 12000 miles on it a couple of years ago. His daughter has been driving it so maybe 40000 on it now? He’s out of town but due back tomorrow night. I can get better info it it is a possibility? Just don’t Let her...
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    Stand By Generator Cost

    Bought mine through www.norwal.com