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    Bookshelf speakers (opinions wanted)

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    That cross country move.

    LOL fair point. That is damn near 100% likely
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    Paging @h20toie I found your summer beverage 😳🤣

    Wtf does Peanut Butter Whiskey taste like? I would have never thought of that combo…
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    That cross country move.

    Yes, and I got the comment that all 3 were overloaded by the driver but he still took them. Oops. Most of my stuff was gym equipment though.
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    That cross country move.

    If you have a wife that likes to spend money....be careful with the "sell everything" advice. We sold almost everything, and I am WAY WAY WAY behind on this furniture nonsense. I could have purchased a nice car with the delta. 😭 Moving the old stuff would have been far cheaper.
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    That cross country move.

    3-Upack Containers $5,870 Shipping 1 car from CA to TX-$1,500 "Open transport" Movers to unload U pack Containers-$300 "I can't remember the exact amount" Gas from CA to TX-? If the semi trailers were available in the lane from CA to TX, I would have used Upack's 27' trailer and paid by the...
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    Thank you to the RDP Inmates

    The Texas crew was amazing during my home build and move. Super helpful. Never would have had that insight without RD's Place. Someday when I finish this thing I'll get them over for a BBQ.
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    Texas Power Outages

    All ice
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    Texas Power Outages

    You’d think that. We’ve got people ice skating in my neighborhood. Only ones out are those in UTVs towing their kids on sleds.
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    Who won this one? 🤬

    250lbs? Maybe have your wife handle it for yah… :-) kidding. Sorta.
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    Texas Power Outages

    Thankfully nothing up here. Would seriously suck to lose power. The freezing rain and sleet has been constant since Sunday night.
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    How to Drive a boat with RD (non pg)

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    2022 Taxes filed

    @shintoooo you taking on anymore individuals? Pretty simple return. Married, 2-W2s, Interest Income, Wealthfront investments, Robinhood investments, move from CA to TX, new house.
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    Planning a wedding 😂

    Waste of money. We have watched our video once…. MIL/FIL paid a crap ton for our wedding. I wanted to hit Sandals and elope. Way cheaper and not as many people. You should be aware that weddings aren’t for the groom.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Another snow day… sorta. More like ice pellets. Drift of 15” in the entry.