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    Ok all you health nuts out there

    If you’re serious and want a life altering change. And the goal is a 100 pounds or more weight loss , gastro bypass surgery is a life changing surgery to help you Attain it . Research this it goes hand in hand with all above suggestion that members are making !
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    Swimplatformslhc I's killing it .

    Do you make the brackets for the swim platforms ?
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    Whats up with Ford

    Kenworth , has laid off 350 people because of the chip shortage and hundreds of semi trucks are sitting because of this problem in Ohio .
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    Thread with regard to Chris

    The above 2 charges took place in La Paz county , they were filed in Parker Court not in Havasu so this must be a different incident that he was involved in .
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    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    I have mixed feelings about this , the first three years until they are 21 no Hazmt loads , Flat bed , doubles , and tanker that is a smooth bore . Only a semi with van trailer until they get the general experience of the operation of a semi over the road . In that 3 years they will get the...
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    Is there a truck scale in Havasu?

    I would call Lowerys Truck Repair in Havasu and they could adjust the air bag pressure , three a arm that’s goes between the axle and the frame that controls the pressure in bags by the weight on the axle and frame to keep the unit level, some they get out of adjustment or leak in the air line ...
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    Is there a truck scale in Havasu?

    Are referring to air bags on the tag axle?
  8. 72 Nordic Jet

    Comment by 'yard dog' in item '72 Nordic Jet'

    still available and location
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    AZ CDL holders

    Current CDL license , brith certificate or US passport, and your SS card , Medical examiner certificate and poof of residency in AZ and if you have hazmat you must retest every 5 years when you renewal your license. This is nothing new this requirement has in place for the last ten years to...
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    AZ CDL holders

    Most Drs that do DOT physicals fax the medical review board soon as you finish for you from there office. You should sent it to the medical review board your self if the Doctor does not the MVD has kind wash there hands of handing the physicals and you the driver is responsible . Also make sure...
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    AZ CDL holders

    No, just did my less than 4 months ago good for another 2 years . You are aware that the requirement is every 2 years for a new DOT physical unless you only a one year , then is it’s every year . Also you can ck your status on line to make sure your in compliance . If you don’t get a new DOT...
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    Rice road dumb ass

    New laws r coming in February 7 2022, FMCSA is making all driver trainers register and met the requirements to train the new drivers and the drivers have to met new training requirements a for CDL . So steps are being put in place that new drivers are being trained before they go in a truck...
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    HWY 95 head on S River Market

    Head on collision 3 miles after River Market on 95 , if you’re going that way choose a different route . I am sure it’s multiple fatalities .
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    Havasu June 28th 1994

    On vacation that week in Havasu, and on June 28 th 1994 I will always remember that day 128 degrees outside and also a sewage spill that closed down the Windsor ramp . Had take the boat down to Cat tail cove to get it back on trailer . Any another inmates in Havasu on that day ? That was the...
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    Bill Williams Bridge

    Open just took my 18 wheels across the bridge,