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    Any Mustang Mach E Owners?

    My wife pointed one out to me while we were driving around the other day. When I got up close I let her know she was mistaken, it was a Hyundai. Being a life long Mustang fan (I've owned about 12), I'm very disappointed in Ford for calling this car a Mustang. Nothing against the car, it's a...
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    Shop Soap

    I second the tub o towels suggestion. I have several tubs. Clean hands, engine parts, drives, upholstery, etc. Good for hands when you don't have water handy.
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    San Francisco will pay people to not shoot others: 'Cash for criminals'

    $300 a month sounds like a good ammo budget for them....
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    One Hell of an Auto Reply

    Straight shooters! I like these guys, I would do business with them.
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    So now what's your excuse gonna be??

    The Left needs to stop trying to save everyone. We don't need help, we're Republicans.
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    Top 3 things you hate most about COVID

    1. The weaponizing of an actual real virus to move a political agenda (This should never be done) 2. Paying people to stay home when the amount of open jobs available is at a record high with employers offering more $$ than ever before. 3. Living in the west coast 3 amigos governors contest of...
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    Distant family turns into non existent...

    To me family is just not worth it. Ask yourself, would I want to hang out with these people if they weren't family? Chances are the answer is no, so why bother? There's this pressure put on by society that we all must suffer through family and do it with a smile. That's like saying we all...
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    Covid paranoid or??

    If you are truly concerned about your health, my advice is don't let the loss of a few thousand$ in lodging convince you to go. Go with your gut. This is a really tough decision to make, as it's kind of like a game of roulette. Ever seen the movie "final destination"? Makes you think perhaps...
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    Kind of like that pregnant electric rollerskate they put a Mustang badge on.
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    Anybody in line waiting for their NEW Bronco?

    My boss got in on the first run of 1,500 or whatever it was, as he buys regularly and was "allowed" in the first batch. He's been getting emails periodically about delays in delivery. The latest email said he can expect delivery between July and December (way to pinpoint that Ford). From what...
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    Max 5 props

    I ran one when I had stock 496HO power in my Nordic heat. Ran a 24P bravo 4 blade, and a 23P max 5 15". Same RPMs, but max 5 had faster cruise and 2.5mph on top. Great prop on that boat. Now I have about 650hp and run a 5 blade max 5 copy at 28P and 15"
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    F150 Fire sell

    My Boss's 2018 F250 Platinum diesel. It was totally stock. Engine caught fire. Insurance gave him current value, which was more than he paid for it in 2018.
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    Who is this?

    Guilty as charged. FML