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    Tire chains for Desert Storm?

    Luckily a good friend that I was building an engine for just gifted it to me. So now I just need to do an install. Good thing as parts availability is terrible.
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    How expensive would gas have to get to to quit boating ?

    I heard in WA state they are reprogramming pumps with an extra digit so they can have $10+ prices.
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    Tire chains for Desert Storm?

    Unfortunately I lost a rod bearing. Engine had about 35 hours on it so we are working on figuring out the cause. I took an after picture, but the boat still looked clean in the picture. It had an even dark grime over the boat and trailer. Cockpit and bow covers had that red lava rock residue...
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    Tow Boating Services Which One?

    We broke down during Desert Storm week this year. I have Boat US for the insurance, and it came with TowBoat US coverage included this year luckily. We were not far off from Windsor beach. Made the call and they were there in 45 minutes. Captain was very polite and knew what he was doing...
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    Pat Kelly AKA FUCK Joe Biden truck.... RIP

    We pulled up next to him during DS last week. We were laughing, loved the truck. RIP.
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    Tire chains for Desert Storm?

    Update: Didn't have the chain up but 4WD was in use. Trailer tracked behind pretty well. This was going over the Siskiyous on the 16th. After the snow, hit rain all the way to southern CA, then hit a sand storm from Bekersfield to Havasu. So basically got tarred and feathered.
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    One week until Desert Storm

    We recently moved to Forest Grove from Medford. We went out to the sand bar on the Columbia a few times last year, met some nice performance boating people. I have a Nordic Heat.
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    One week until Desert Storm

    Me + 4, no kids. Arriving this weekend, staying 2 weeks. Bringing the boat from OR.
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    Water float seats

    We have the thick noodles and the large size saddles. I think being a bigger person, the large size saddle is mandatory. I don't think a regular size saddle would work.
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    What’s the deal with heat pumps?

    We just finished building a house in northern OR. It has a heat pump and it works well so far. We don't have NG in our area. The power bill seems good for the first few months. The thing that threw me for a loop is they installed an 80 gal heat pump water heater. I'd never heard of such a...
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    Tire chains for Desert Storm?

    I've got my backup Bravo drive installed because my primary drive has been waiting for upper gears since November. Mercury says ship date will be October...
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    Cutting Edge Props

    I've had great luck with his 5 blade 15" x 28P on my Nordic Heat. I had him shorten the tube just a little, still has some flare. I sent this CE 5 blade to another Nordic Heat owner for testing vs a max 5 he had. He loved the CE so much he ordered one. 3mph faster than my bravo 4 blade...
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    Tire chains for Desert Storm?

    It's a mid cabin open bow Nordic. I have snap covers for the bow and cockpit. I've packed lots of cleaning supplies to bring. I'm figuring a day of cleaning the boat/truck when we arrive. Like someone said, first world problems.
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    Tire chains for Desert Storm?

    Will be heading towards Havasu this coming Friday for vacation/DS. Woke up to 4-5" of snow this morning, more forecasted this week. I live about an hour west of Portland, OR. Looking like my typical route to Havasu might not work this year. Usually go south to Shasta, cut off at McCloud...
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    Online swimsuit site

    My wife loves Doll swimwear. Made in USA I think. Southern CA