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    Fading Gelcoat Colors Challenges Due to Sun & Age......Need Advice

    To some degree because of UV. However, color sanding will will get it pretty damn close. I pull stickers off boats all the time and can blend the gel back to where you cant tell there were stickers.
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    Fading Gelcoat Colors Challenges Due to Sun & Age......Need Advice

    Gel coat does not fade it oxidizes which makes it look faded. Generally you will see this first occur on deck and sponsons where direct sunlight hits. The darker the color the more UV absorption, causing the gel will break down and oxidize. A light color sand, followed up with a buff and polish...
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    Wax for a brand new RV

    Ceramic coat it, and be done for quite a years.
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    Restoring an old bmx bike

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    I Wear Sunglasses - Lake Havasu

    Just do not stop carrying Kaenon. Best shades I have ever had, and an even better warranty.
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    Quick detail cleaner

    Clean Microfiber and lake water or RO water will get 90% of your water spots off. Provided you do not let them etch into boat and you actually wax your boat. Once boat is in shade and you have a cold beer. Any water-less wash or quick detail like Lucas Slick Mist will do the trick.
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    Are they closing S*** down or not!?

    The only ones that can close Lake Havasu are the Feds. Havasu is a Federal Waterway. AZ State Parks who run most launch ramps have said they are following the orders of the Governor. He has said to keep parks opened. Unless this is a Federal Mandate, then its not true.
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    Crime scene on 95 cat tail turnoff

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    Az state bmx

    This is where most BMX Parents stalk when it comes to minis. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1422300371376109/ Make sure you hit Lake Havasu BMX when in the area.
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    Havasu tile person

    Jeff Wright is used by a lot of people on RDP. He is very good at all types of flooring. (928) 421-1344
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    Anyone else have phone problems last night?

    Suddenlink provides a lot of the fiber that carriers in Havasu use. Suddenlink had one of there primary fiber lines get cut and most of the City went down last night.
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    DIY sea deck?

    Here is what I use. You can create templates out of cardboard. https://www.hydroturf.com/category/hydro-turf-sheets/
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    Ceramic topcoat?

    Pads are important to. Make sure you are using 100% twisted wool to match the aggressive compound. Then finish with an cutting foam or microfiber pad.
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    Sea deck

    From what I have seen, 4 years is about all you will get from the different traction decks. Less, if you clean them more. Over time they will start to thin out. Then you will start getting dust all over the place from the deck breaking down. If they use the 3M adhesive your only options are...
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    Havasu Garage Cabinets - Introduction

    Jeff and his company are top notch! Not many people have the experience, knowledge and dedication like he does. There are a lot of people that that can do tile, epoxy, etc. But no one in Havasu really cares about the finished product, not to mention stand behind their work like he does. Sent...