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    Class A advice

    Things I like about my gasser class A. Less than $50 to change oil and filter. Has a spare tire and I can actually change a flat myself. Will actually pass most diesel pushers going up hill. Like the mid entry door With that said gassers do drive like shit. I can’t even imagine driving one...
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    LAM Labor Day turned into Labor Day

    Congratulations! My Labor Day baby just turned 18. Not sure how that happened so fast.
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    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    My fridge water and ice didn’t work. I suspected a new filter was needed as the water was slow before it completely stopped working. Months go by because I was to busy to mess with it. My mother in law trying to help and called an appliance repair man from a reputable shop out to change the...
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    Changing Havasu channel demographics / use

    Nice to see the boaters leaving some spots for those with less resources. 😁
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    Badass Wrought Iron Gate Made In Havasu

    I think it turned out great! Huge improvement over the original gate.
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    99 Baja what’s it worth??

    Not a purple fan but not a bad looking boat. 👍
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    Alright what inmate?

    Update on the story. https://www.yahoo.com/news/arizona-father-stormed-school-zip-132940911.html
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    So my daughter's Jeep has the dreaded Pentastar 3.6 tapping - Anybody Else?

    Well shit I have the same year Jeep/motor 2014 with about 90k. No problems yet. I hadn’t heard about an issue till now.
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    Alright what inmate?

    What inmate Is responsible for this situation? https://www.yahoo.com/news/school-ordered-student-quarantine-dad-125455171.html
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    [WTS] 93 Advantage

    Seems like someone got a great deal.
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    RANT: Hiring/COVID

    Hadn’t heard about the HOA issues. Are HOA’s really struggling with collecting dues? Is it due to the foreclosure moratorium?
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    RV Upholstery

    Think it ended up being $2,800 for the couch and dinette. I looked at buying néw but liked the style and stitching that I had. The dinette has 6” thick foam. Most online replacements were only 4”.
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    RV Upholstery

    Had a local shop redo my 18 year old bounded with new foam and material. The new foam was a huge improvement. No regrets.
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    Chopper instead of crane

    Was working near Riverside airport a few years ago when a chopper crashed while practicing reverse rotations. Made quite the racket and the blades hitting buildings 300 feet away was a bit scary as well.