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    PUPS of RDP

    I think everyone knows Frank and Oscar
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    Havasu Pool temps

    Mine is 80
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    Havasu Rain?

    It’s 115 here right now, I’m sure it will evaporate before it hits ground
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    Boat market

    Mines for sale, lots of picture collectors. Or they don’t like what they see?
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    HOT! This week

    Very disappointed, only made it to 118
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    HOT! This week

    Ya, not a dry heat today, cloudy and 115 at the moment
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    HOT! This week

    So is a blow torch, lol
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    HOT! This week

    123 Tuesday WTF.
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    Need to re-gear JK

    Anybody have a suggestion where, between Havasu and Goodyear.
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    2003 Lavey Craft 2750

    Are the holes fill where the windshield was attached?
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    Pool Tile Cleaning

    Cost,? mine is only a year, but want to stay ahead of it
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    7:30 A. M. And the channel is already packed.

    You nailed it tank, we went out last sat/sun, knowing the shit show was coming, we just got back from walking the channel, half the boats there had nobody in them. I just think of the huge toilet the channel turn into by about 2pm,,,,yuck.
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    Windsor North

    FYI, it’s fixed.
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    School me on Jeeps

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    The Tire Man - Havasu

    Went there today, place seems on point, I recommend.